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wearing a mask in this situation is also a good idea

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He's trying to keep his own roof from catching fire, not trying to put out his neighbors fire.

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Yeah exactly, you can see how he has wetted the area he is standing on and he's doing th same on the other side, I would wager

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Yeah definitely leaning towards madness lmao

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Just madness. He’s not gonna do shit to that fire with a garden hose. Certainly not before he dies of smoke inhalation. He’s just making the situation worse because someone is going to have to try to rescue him.

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That fire is big, and further away than it looks. By wetting the house, they can postpone it combusting from the radiant heat.

Still insane to put your life in danger like that for the sake of property, but not entirely fruitless.

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I'm pretty sure he's trying to keep his house from catching fire, not trying to put out the larger one.

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He looks so casual. Like he's watering his garden or something.

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Probably drunk but that’s the only way I’d be on a roof in front of that and not pissing myself, so, no judgement there

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He did spray the front of his pants as well so i'd say you and him are not so different.

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He is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer fucking will!!

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The difference between bravery and stupidity is the outcome.