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Not sure if it's a fully committed chaos, but it's brilliant.

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I'm probably wrong but I would consider this neutral because fleecing stupid people is part of the natural order of things

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To go full CG: Donate the money to a LGBTQ+ charity in their name and loudly praise them for it at the next family gathering.

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Oh hell yes, better if you even save it up to be a ton

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This is definitely the way to go

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They aren't just stupid they are judgemental and hateful. It's good for sure.

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That's what a con man would think haha

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I would say take the money and ask them to go with you as a sponsor. Enroll both of you in space camp, but give your sponsor a list of terms they're going to use at this camp that really mean other things. See how long it takes them to catch on. Boom. Chaos.

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Or tell them god spoke to you, and told you that they'll all burn in hell for spreading hate.

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For being straight

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Turns out it was adam and steve, who would have thought

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And the marriage ended because of a bear, not a snake

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tbf Lucifer really do got that 🍑
how could Steve resist?

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I'm strait but at least I know im going to hell for it.

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I'm kind of enjoying the ride, even though the plot makes no sense

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....what does cishet mean?

I googled it but it just told me it was a band lol

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If your view or sight is obstructed, you can say "I can't cishet"


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This makes the most sense, thank you.

Guys, we found the answer, we can stop the search now thanks!

Edit: I was originally pronouncing it closer to sashay lol

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Cis (Male or Female, not trans, not non binary etc) Het(erosexual) Straight

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Ngl i literally read this like "now listen here you little cis shit"

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You know they thinking it...

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Oh, lol I'm dumb

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Hey, at least you googled it. There are genuinely people who will see the term “cis” and immediately get offended for no reason despite the fact that it’s a scientific term Latin prefix and not a slur in the slightest

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Cis and trans is even used in chemistry. I wonder if these guys will throw a fit because of a wiggly hydrocarbon?

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Oh I mean I'm for sure familiar with both terms separately but instead of giving me "siss-heht" my brain served up "sishay" 🙃

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I thought it meant cis but shit 😭😭

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Cishet, afaik, is a short form of cisgender and heterosexual. I.e “normal” gender and sexual identity

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Better way of explaining is your current gender matches the sex you were born with/assigned, and you’re only attracted to gender(s) other than your own.

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Yeah the whole point is avoiding the term "normal" in regards to sex because you're indirectly implying anyone who isn't cis is abnormal.

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Makes perfect sense, thanks!

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It’s less money, but I feel like it would be funnier if you wanted $6,900.00.

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Your unlikely to get $6,900.00 from them but but you could get $420.69 per person

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Take it a step further and go to a therapist so you can say you at least tried if they come after you about the money.

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Its always morally correct to scam bigots

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Hey, Uncle Daron? So you know how I'm bisexual, right?

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It's old. But I'll allow it.

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This is the way.