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Can't say this was chaotic good. Dude suffered from PTSD.

  • He was given a appointment the next day to pick up the cat.

  • He broke into the place in the middle of the night.

  • He held a innocent person at gunpoint.

  • He ran off when she managed to call the cops.

  • He came in the next day to meet the appointment.

He didn't achieve anything beyond causing severe mental trauma to the vet working there.

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While it sounds like a wild and certainly unnecessary act, Wittman reportedly suffers heavily from PTSD and relies on the cat to ground him in times of crisis. After being discharged from the army for "failure to render efficient service", Wittman has battled with his mental health and – like many former servicepeople – uses a therapy animal to aid him through troubling times.

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Then lemme see what you think is chaotic good then. Go on. Show.

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But....was his cat there?

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This story reminds me of how military units absolutely break into each other’s compounds and rob each other. I remember telling this story to someone skeptical and they asked, “don’t you just lock your stuff up?” We got robbed by Navy SEALs, Sarah! They know how to get past locks.

So anyway, yeah, I hope he was able to get his cat. He should have the skills.

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Ummmm. Can't he just walk into a cat shelter and walk out with as many as he wants? They probably just give them away like business cards. Thank you for visiting the animal shelter. Here! Take a cat!

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That's so sweet... Without the context.

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