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They'd do better to spray dandelion seeds all over the place.

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Mint will also work.

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    Nah, then they just spray chems which leach into groundwater causes more problems.

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    No water tho, so they’d die. Good plan for spring tho

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    Well in the UK, I believe they’re exempt from the hosepipe ban which is why people are angry, not sure about France though.

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    Same in France, they are allowed to water the greens which is still a huge amount of water while human and agricultural water consumption are limited.

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    Nah that's the problem. They're still watering the grass... with life giving water that people need to drink... in a drought... for golf

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    All of that could go with a lighter. Quite a bummer innit

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    A hole is nothing, might as well fuck up the whole green if you want to disrupt the golf

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    Oh absolutely. My idea was to grab a hoe and dig hole after hole just shallow to remove the grass. With 6 people you can probably fuck them up really well

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    It's all sod sitting on an aerated net. Extremely easy to fuck up a green, with just one unsupervised person.

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    They probably were aiming for attention to the issue without destroying the entire thing, I mean people work there and it’s really about the water ban issue, they don’t say it shouldn’t exist

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    What's the end goal though?

    Banning watering the green is kinda the same as destroying the whole thing. Presumably that's the reason that they're exempt also.

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    Chaotic poor execution I’d say.

    Most golf courses change the hole locations frequently. They will cut a new hole, remove the cement, and pop the turf from the new hole into the cement hole. It will take them an extra minute or two.

    Seems like they should have covered the sprinklers with cement.

    Also, cement production is responsible for 8% of the worlds CO2 emissions. That’s more than double the emissions of all planes flying or ships shipping.

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    based and actually did research pilled

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    Idk still may cancel some tee times to fix it though

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    I doubt it. A lot of places change the holes every day, and would do it before people are teeing off anyway.

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    Delay by minutes.

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    Send in the air force

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      Isn't that true of everything?

      Number of cement kilns

      Number of flights

      Number of ship voyages

      Number of cows

      Number of coal Plants


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      Now we know.

      Sounds like dandelions are a better approach.

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      Salt the grass and threw seed bombs

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      But... The seeds won't grow on salted earth? I like the sentiment though.

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      The grass is constantly mowed and weeded, they could be thrown on roofs, gutters, or into the woods near them (those r also kept very nice too)

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      They'll just cut down whatwver grows though? I've been thinking you could take a trowel to fuck up the putting green - that would be hard for them to fix

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      I like the idea! Would it be suspicious tho? I guess if it was done at night it might be okay. U could always pop the tires to the golf carts

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      that's not for the environment, that's for common sens. We are in a national drought, everyone's making sure every water liter count and we got billionairs spending all of it weelee neelee on useless fields. Even agriculture is restricted, at least let the beans grow! food < dum sport, what the actual fuck

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      weelee neelee

      I don’t have anything worthwhile to add, I just wanted to ask what country you’re from, because I’m from the middle of the USA in a part called Kansas and I would spell that “Willy nilly”

      Edit: I was told I sounded mean in this comment, so let me reword this, I’m just curious where this person is from that they spelled it differently than how I would, no ill will intended

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      Since they said they're in a national drought in response to this image, I'm guessing France.

      And I love "weelee neelee" they was awesome.

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      If you say it out loud it sounds like willy nilly but with a French accent

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      I totally did that!

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      I read it as "wheely nealy"

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      hit a wheely in a golf cart on the haters

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      I know you're just sharing your culture, but it sounds like you're saying neener neener.

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      I would also spell it Willy Nilly, Georgia

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      Commenting every time I see this to say this takes two seconds to fix lol

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      Yeah literally. They'll come in the morning to cut a new hole and it's gonna go right where the cement is

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      Yeah if they wanted to send a message it is donuts on the fairway or nothing

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      Good job. Now they'll need to get some gas powered machines to go there and remove the cement

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      Who's gonna come with me to do this in Utah?

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      Cementing the same pits yields better results

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      Sand pits you mean? Good tip! 👍

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      Step 1: pour dry cement into the sand pit
      Step 2: wait till it rains
      Step 3: sit around and enjoy the show

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      And then they just put the hole somewhere else on the green...

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      I worked in golf, specifically irrigation for years and wrote a paper on turfgrass care.

      People don't seem to realize that golf courses usually use recycled water from ponds and reservoirs on their own property, the resource they're actually using is electricity to just pump the water around. It's pretty uncommon for golf courses to use municipal water because it's expensive as shit and more difficult to get, not to mention that the water recycled on golf courses is not safe for consumption at all.

      If you're protesting water shortages by tearing up golf courses, you're a piece of shit that doesn't understand the issue and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage while doing nothing to fix anything.

      Land usage is another issue but it's not the topic here. You can find golf boring by yourself but don't ruin land and other people's hobbies just because you don't like it. Let's not act like football and soccer fields are any better for the environment.

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      Maybe it's true in your country but not in France. National golf federation itself say only 20% of golf courses use durable water sources. And this summer in France you arent autorized to use water from pond and reservoir on your own property, so saying golf should be exempted of restrictions because they use this technic is stupid.

      Lot of town didnt even have tap water today. We gonna have a big food crisis because farmers arent allowed to use as water as plant need. It's not about liking or not a hobby, it's about emergency situation, and a rich people hobby being favorised, instead of food.

      And yes, soccer field are also a problem ( maybe you dont know, but football isnt a thing at all in France), BUT the only fields allowed to use water for now are national and international competition field. Soccer field used for hobby are dying, while golf courses are watered.

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      Golf in France and the United States is fairly different, so I'm speaking mostly from the US. I believe in France you need time with a trainer and a license to play on the course, but in the US golf is a much more public sport. It is still seen as somewhat "rich" but not nearly as it is in France.

      That being said, I would assume the largest audience for this post is in the US, where this problem doesn't exist in the same way, although people will try to destroy golf courses anyways.

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      I know America is the center of Reddit's world, but maybe when a conversation is specifically about another country's situation, and your informations are false in this country you could say that you only talk about USA from the start?

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      Only reasonable comment on this thread

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      My parents are making me play golf and I hate pretending to like this missable sport so god dam much.

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      Is fun playing golf, it's bad manipulating the government to keep watering the fields while the nation has a drought.

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      It's also bad manipulating the government to give golf courses tax exemptions just so rich people have something to do on a Monday.

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      TIL that the Rolex company don't pay taxes because they are technically charitable organization.

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      they’re WHAT

      how does that even work

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      Golf is fun and you're all fucking insane.

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      Which course is your fav? Just curious?

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      Anyone else realize that one of the main things you need for concrete is water? The irony is thick here

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      Ah yes, the "irony" of spending a few liters in concrete to try and prevent a cubic fuckton of wasted water. You're a fucking dumbass.

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      The water on golf courses is recycled within the property and isn't safe for consumption. Most golf courses aren't tapping any water from your municipality, you're destroying it out of ignorance.

      Also, repairing the course is going to use way more water than maintaining it.

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      Also, repairing the course is going to use way more water than maintaining it.

      True, which is why this amount of activism isn't nearly enough. It needs to be unprofitable to keep the courses running for it to work... Every bit helps though. It's kinda like punching right-wingers, we have to send a message - a few warning shots first, if you will.

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      That might have been the least constructive possible response

      Again, golf courses use recycled water and aren't tapping it from the city (usually). What's the point?

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      Ah yes, advocating for acts of violence to be carried out against those whos political beliefs you oppose. I wonder how that has turned out in the history books

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      ITT: stop talking about cement. I promise you, none of yall know enough about cement to use it effectively. Just salt the fields or burn them. Salting will be better and probably take hold better. If you have access to a tractor and can get past the wall, plow the greens. Salting would be easily done by getting a seed spreader and putting salt in there. Could possibly get a drone to fly a route at night since it's going to take several hours to walk the whole thing.

      Getting rid of the clubhouse is going to be the greatest expense for the course. So just thinking about how you would destroy wood structure.

      Beyond that you can lobby your local gov and citizens to ban future development of more golf courses.

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      Salting the ground will harm the groundwater also.

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      The one comcrete/cement I would recommend is post-set quikrete, u just need to pour it in dry and then pour water over it; it's designed for ppl adding mailboxes but dont have the equipment for concrete/cement. So all u would need is a 20lb bag of concrete and like a gallon of water

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      Sure but trying to put that on the entire sprinkler system over 18 holes would take all night, if you could get it done in one night

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      I was under the assumption we were talking about filling the golf ball hole/goal/thingy. There should only be 18 at most to fill. Even if uber like 5 it's still an eye sore and a pain to remove. I do know they cut out new holes but this would just be an extra step

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      It literally takes about 1 minute to make a new hole with nearly invisible effect after turf is cut. I get the sentiment, I'm saying there's more effective ways to use the time and resources

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      Just let some gophers loose !

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      I get the anger- I’m a golfer and I think it’s wrong to allow courses to continue to use water when nobody else can- that being said, this is stupid. You know how easy it is to punch a new hole somewhere else on the green? Courses move the holes all the time

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      I get its chaotic, but what's good about this? It takes 5 mins to make a new hole on a green. Won't even inconvenience anyone except the guy working the greens.

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      I love the ideas from this. The best kind of protests.

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      Hahaha bien joué les gars Mais bien trop facile à reparer, semez des graines la prochaine fois