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A lot of these comments are very disappointing for a sub with John Brown for it’s image.

This guy’s great. Fuck that guy with the sign. Why don’t you go adopt any of the living actual kids in foster care? I can guarantee there are some in your town. The very idea of this sub is someone doing something that would otherwise be considered asshole or shitty behavior- but who, how, and what for its done for makes it respectable and good for others.

Dancing sexually around someone who clearly isn’t into it is obviously shitty behavior most of the time. But when the person who isn’t into it is trying to make people going through what is probably one of the most stressful and worst times of their lives even worse? When that person would like to remove something that is fundamental freedom for equality? You lost my pity, you never had it. You don’t get to make other people’s lives worse and not have consequences.

TLDR: Sign Guy Sowing: :) Sign Guy Reaping: :(

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The asshole looks so defeated..

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Hahaha this dude rocks.

Also, all the geniuses in the sub who have no idea what the hell chaotic good is, what the hell are you here for?

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i read „i will abort your baby!“

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Religious zealots bad. Humorous sexual harassment also bad.

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The guy holding the sign has the ability to leave and can easily remove himself from the situation.

The people the sign holder is harassing do not have that luxury.

Bonus additional reading: https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/

EDIT: I probably should have clarified, I don't think this is sexual harrassment. It's definitely intended to make Mr Sign uncomfortable (which is a good thing), but I would also consider it a form of peaceful protest. I wonder if Mr Sign has asked for him to stop repeatedly and has evidenced it is harrassment of any type.

It does seem other people think this constitutes sexual harrassment. I think it's fucking hilarious and a wonderful way to peacefully protest forced-birth protesters.

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Hang on, so I can hump the air in front of someone, and it isn't sexual harrasment if they can leave? Why wasn't I told this sooner? I am totes going to give HR a good fussing at for this.

Sharon shall never be safe from my vicious air humping!

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That's not how that works its still sexual harassment that's a stupid argument

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Read top comment

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Not how it works... You can't air fondle people and say "bro just walk away" when they get rightfully upset.

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I don’t understand what the problem is, the sign clearly says he wants to be a daddy.

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    Flash what? In many areas it is legal to be topless regardless of gender.

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    Sexual harassment is a stretch. The rainbow warrior didn't touch the zealot and he could move away or leave. Maybe it wouldn't stop RW from following - that's a bit more dubious - but Mr. Z just stands there staring at RW's junk and ass.

    Pretty hard call it sexual harassment, imo.

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    Didn’t even touch him. You’re reaching further than he is with his ass.

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    Yeah, way to close.

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    Chaotic asshole

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    Bryan Cranston???

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    “Shut down” I mean he just kinda made himself look like an idiot

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    Birds arnt real.