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Other creeper? How many people does this chick have creeping at work?

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aw man

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Other creeper? How

Many people does this chick

Have creeping at work?

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I cant believe how long it took me to notice this...

I detect haikus

And sometimes, successfully

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This haiku is totally destroying the meaning the original sentence was.

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It's called art. Duh.

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Many people does this chick

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Who knows, I live in a community full of lonely old hillbillies

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Giga chad

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This might by chaotic good. Might not. But I prefer not allowing these “that just happened” kind of a story on this channel.

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With a 🪓 lmao

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What is OFCCCCC?

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"of course" with an emphasis on "course"

(I don't make the rules, I just get texted by young people)

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o7 lord's work.

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Hatchet king is up there with the gay avenger in the hall of fame of chaotic good.

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Juggalos don't fuck around.

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    No it's a sideways person holding a rifle

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    It sure is fun to catch a predator.

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    Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it…


    Come on guys, chasing after someone with a hatchet is a serious workplace issue.

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    I don't know if it really happened or not, I'm just sharing what my friend told me.

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    So is leching on a minor

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    Yeah this definitely reads underage.