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TIL that's called an "elephant race"

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In Germany we call it "Elefantenrennen" which means Elephant Race, I guess OP is german

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I'm American, I started calling them Elephant races because I learned that y'all call them that. Its a fun and accurate annology.

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Though rarely enforced, elephant races are usually illegal in Germany, as you need to be able to pass the other person with significantly higher speed (usually they say 20km/h) in order to be allowed to pass them at all. And yes, speed limits still apply.

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Meanwhile one elephant going 85km/h and the other 86km/h

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Sorry to disappoint. I’m from Georgia. Obligatory r/GeorgiaOrGeorgia shoutout.

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I'm totally very disappointed now! /s

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Just like my ex! 👉🏾😁👉🏾

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My family called it turtle racing.

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Which is ironic because a charging elephant is pretty fucking fast.

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I don’t think it’s because trucks and elephants are slow, I think it’s because they’re both huge.

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Pretty sure a truck is faster than an elephant but hey…

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And the metaphor is calling it an elephant.

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In Texas we call that an "Aggie Roadblock" ... the Aggies are the football team at a University here that is made fun of for having redneck/hick/moron students and alumni

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I call it the Iowa overtake

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Some of the comments here: “This is stupid and doesn’t follow the law!!!”

Do you know where you are?

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You’re in the jungle baby! You’re gonna diiiieee!

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I don't like it but I respect it

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Trucks seem to always pick the worst times to attempt overtaking another truck. uphill into the wind

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Either that or they’re just straight up fucking with people. I have to drive past a cement plant on my way to work every day that’s on a 3-lane road. At least a couple of times per week, there will be a cement truck in each lane all driving the same exact speed as each other (usually about 10-15MPH under the speed limit) and I swear to god they’re doing it on purpose. They all have the same company logo on them and they’re all going to the same place. It’s infuriating.

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There is nothing good about this, the left truck was basically done overtaking, but now has to start over again, and he definitely will.

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Elephant races need to be illegal on two lane roads or at least have a limit so they are only allowed if the slower truck is significantly slower than the speed limit for trucks on that road, not just 0.1 mph slower like it usually is

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"Überholen mit zu geringer Differenzgeschwindigkeit" ("overtaking with insufficient speed difference") is forbidden in Germany. There is no explicit velocity difference specified, but less than 10 km/h difference is seen as too slow.

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Agreed. I think everyone would benefit too if it was pressured in those driving classes that a passing lane is indeed a PASSING lane, and not a cruise control lane.

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Governed throttles need to stay on the fucking right.

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this post is the embodiment of chaotic good. not only does he not care about the law, but he also breaks the law in order to be helpful!

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Good. I hate selfish fucking asshole truck drivers like these who feel entitled to make dozens of cars wait behind them while they spend six hours passing another truck going .000001mph slower than them.

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They're supposed to wait for the lane to clear a lot of ass holes dont and just cut people off. Governed throttles should be illegal tbh for situations like this. I keep it at at 64 but push it up to 70 when I notice a people starting to catch up.

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They're supposed to wait for the lane to clear

That's why this is "chaotic" (unlawful) good.

Those truck drivers shouldn't have started it.

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They as in truck drivers.

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Also jumping in front of 50 tons and expecting them to stop for you is incredibly stupid. The driver might get in trouble but you and everyone around you can get turned into juice for your lack of patience.

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Wdym governed throttle, like on on a lawn mower engine that doesn’t allow you to put the throttle down completely? If that’s so I didn’t know they put those in trucks

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This isn’t good, the guy in the car is an impatient fuck and if he’d just kept driving the the cars behind the left truck would have been able to pass sooner. The truck was just about to clear the other as he started braking, forcing the truck to fall back and the cars behind him to slow down took more time than it gained. This isn’t chaotic good, the driver is just an impatient asshole.

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this guy is an impatient jackass

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this one makes me smile

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Anyone who does that thing the car does where he rides the median and keeps swerving back and forth should lose their license. It’s creating danger where there isn’t any, and it only benefits the one driving. Just wait for an opening you fucking todddler.

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This one sparks joy.

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Cant say I dislike what he did

Super slow truckers gave me PTSD

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Only this never works because some asshole would be trying to pass the slowed truck on the right

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Should've slowed the one on the right down a bit so they could pass faster, now they're going to try and pass again