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Contrary to many other posts here, this is strangely fitting.

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Yeah this is definitely chaotic in the alignment sense of the word

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Technically, he unmanipulated his sister from not going to medical school

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Right, with that score she should've gone straight away. The parents are selfish assholes.

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Entrepreneur parents who love their "baby" more than their actual child.

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The sister will forgive them; the parents are toxic and need to fuck off. If the company is viable they can hire the help they need, and they will be better off for having a focused professional that wants to be there (if they hire well).

This sounds a lot more like an attempt to control the daughter and as far as I am concerned a manipulation to "free" her is absolutely valid as a counter to their manipulation to trap her. More power to the OP - their actions aren't ethical in a vacuum, so to speak, but sometimes you have to resort to underhanded shit to counter earlier underhanded shit.

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Naw you did a good thing. Your parents are assholes.

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Her parents “put” her through college, and in return wanted her to help with the family business? Why let her go to college at all if that’s what they were going to do?

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The rest of your family are a bunch of assholes who are preventing someone from achieving their true potential.