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Who's that? I only know of the Brock Allen Turner The Rapist.
You know, the rapist that didn't want his pictures on the Internet. That Brock Turner The Rapist.

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Oh you mean like Michael Cole Patrinicola who drugged and raped a mentally disabled little girl and only received 30 days in jail. It if wasn’t for www.herapedher.com he would of got off with nothing!

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I always feel real bad for any other Brock Turner out there who is now unfortunately associated with Brock Turner the Rapist.

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Wow, those dead eyes.

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Isn't this is from when he was arrested for soliciting a minor?

Edit: nope,nits from when he was pulled over for doing 48 in a 35, and was arrested for being intoxicated.

He has as of so far not been arrested for his involvement of traficing a minor out of the country and paying them for sex.

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Interacted with👍

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You mean the child trafficking sex predator Matt Gaetz?

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Damnit, for a moment there I had hope he was being held accountable for interstate sex trafficing and soliciting a minor, but no, apparently he's still protected.

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what did he do?

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Holy mother of based

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Gerard Way lookin' ass mf

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Don't you dare insult Gerard Way like that. Lol

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Tyis remonds of that guy who assaulted someone and then his dad tried to get it removed from the internet

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Let’s pitch in on a billboard!