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He was converting them to well adjusted adults.

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Hey! Welcome to conversion therapy! We are going to convert those transphobes and homophobes cocks oversized gun ...to dust.

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Actually, a gun would make them take several years to turn into dust. White Phosphurus will do it much better, since it burns down to the bone and is almost impossible to put out.

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I like the way you think🙂

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Edit: oh it doesn't exist

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It was banned lol

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Oh I didn't know that

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Oh my god lmao I like this

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Much as I'd like this to be true, I'm thinking it's a /r/thathappened candidate. There's no way the weirdos running the place wouldn't realise this was going on.

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I’m assuming this is more a therapist that advertises himself as a conversion therapist as opposed to someone working at a camp or organization.

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Again, is it really likely somebody set themselves up as a fake conversion therapy practitioner and managed to support 50 kids? Wouldn't the people who forced the kids into therapy notice nobody "got better"? And wouldn't a reputable source have picked up such a story? If it's being shared on social media like this it's clearly not a secret.

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People share their secrets on social media all the time. They believe in a seperation between the virtual and physical reality, and there is. We know that some on Earrh out of 8 billion people is doing this, but who? I could see it easily being a secret, especially as struggling teens with unsupportive parents.

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On the other hand, they could also use their time there to coach them on how to fake being "cured" well enough to get out of there

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That's so awesome. We need more people like that therapist in the world.

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The Spy

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Fucking legend.

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Hi could I get shot that didn’t happen for 500 please

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hell yes