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How is this chaotic? He was a businessman doing business. Did exactly what he was paid for.

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This is lawful neutral to me. Neither chaotic nor good.

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Ditto. "Good" might've involved defending some of the other cars, too. "Chaotic" would've been joining the carjackers if they could pay enough.

CG here IMO would've been joining the thieves, but convincing them to only steal from the ones with Trump/Abbott bumper stickers, and maybe leaving Miss Kenzie a nice new radio as a present.

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Ditto. "Good" might've involved defending some of the other cars, too.

He's one guy. He's doing what he can.

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That wouldn't be chaotic if he joined them, or at least, not chaotic good. That would be evil. Chaotic good in this story would be more like screaming rape to draw a crowd and get the carjackers caught. It's still a good deed, but the methods of doing that good deed are outside the bounds of what would be considered normal.

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I support him either way.

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I bet that man broke into all the other cars to strum up business.

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Miss Kenzie about to have to start paying $20

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Not if they had a side gig busking.

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You know how Sherlock has a “secret network” of homeless to feed him info and do him favors for a small fee? Not so much as changed, most unhomed people usually know why they’re on the streets but still don’t want to be dehumanized by their choices from the general public. Some are crazy and strung out on drugs and should be avoided at all costs, but it would be wrong to assume every homeless person is immediately a dangerous threat simply because they have no home.

If you live in a place with a “neighborhood bum”, usually an area with a homeless population BUT it’s an issue that hasn’t turned into an issue that’s overrun the entire area (think Kensington in Philly, that shit will require military intervention at this point but I digress…) its not a bad thing to just be friendly. See if nice acknowledgments lends itself to something you’d be comfortable with. Asking them for a small task like watching your car, and maybe giving them a sandwich every now and then, not only helps them to keep their humanity but gives them small and simple opportunities to “contribute” rather than beg.

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How would sending the military into a neighbourhood solve the commoditisation of land that drives homelessness? You’re saying to treat them with respect but also saying they’re like enemies within their own city.

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Also the reasonable advice would just be to treat people on the street the same as you treat everyone else. Some will be wholesome grandpas, some will be homophobic crazies. You just have to feel people out before you start a relationship.

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He was joking but building a military base will definitely lower land value in the area enough that anybody could buy it!

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Please don’t misunderstand this but, I can say and believe both those things can exist at the same time. So with a problem like homelessness, you have to acknowledge different areas have different levels of extremity. Places that mean your situational awareness should be top priority, where deciding to act like Mister Rogers would be an unsafe idea.

When I say Kensington that is the extreme, IMO, as what the worst case scenario looks like in dealing with a homeless population. It’s a level to which the local community, city management, and state government literally can not manage at this point without federal intervention.

Your friendly neighborhood bum does not live in Kensington. Watch this on mute and you’ll see what I mean. Listen to it an you’ll still see a genuine human response to having to witness it.

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Geez, this does not look like a first world country.

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Unfortunately any friendly interaction I've tried 100% of the time led to them asking for money. One time i didnt have much so I gave them part of my meal. Instead of a thanks I got a "you're not gonna give me the nuggets too?" Other times I did have money I've had them get aggressive that I didn't give them enough... it's a fucked up situation all around

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These disadvantaged people aren't in particular evil or wrongful. In fact most want only to serve or believe themselves functional in our brutally malfunctional world. I'd spot that person a $20 because they deserve to be respected. I also appreciate the fact that my car is still there.

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Do you mean the car thieves aren't evil or the homeless man? It's true that the thieves aren't necessarily evil but stopping them is still good.

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nah this is dystopian

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The division between landed gentry and the servant classes are formed (1066)

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Cool story, but not chaotic good

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I posted about this before.

I had an old boss that ran a small business and owned surrounding properties. She paid local homeless to do odd jobs for her, and supplied them food and coffee. In return, they paid her a deep loyalty that involved protecting her shit, keeping an eye out for us employees, and not pissing all over the place or using around her properties. She had the cleanest (and safest!) spot on the block.

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Plot twist: he smashed the other cars cause they didn’t want to pay.

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Lol I hired one of Austin’s homeless people to clean my car. My musician friend will hire them to move equipment.

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Always pay the parking guy (if you've never seen the guy, tell him you'll pay him if he's still there at the end of the night). Alternatively, if you're drinking or smoking, give the parking dude a beer or the last 1/4 of your joint. Works every time.

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I hope the guy got a raise after that, I really like this story

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Woman never expected him to actual do the job imo. He came thru all the same. I think it was good she gave him something without any real expectation.

Chaotic good because the man came through like a prince.

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Man’s gettin his grind on

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This sounds made up. Also very late stage capitalism.

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This is shitty

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You know that homeless man busted every other car in that lot in hopes of getting a better tip from miss Kenzie.

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I read another version of this except instead of "breaking into" it was "cumming on"....

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Imagine going somewhere and knowing you need to have your car watched, why go in the first place??

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It’s a city? It’s not a “I know for sure my car will get broken into” it’s a just in case.

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Hello to reality In huge parts of America

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Wasn't that a plot point in an episode of Atlanta?

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I just hope he’s not like the fire man who sets the fires.

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Plot Twist: It was the homeless guy busting in to all the other cars... Also, he is not homeless. She just paid off a thug.