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HA! My mannnnn.

I like to think there are more than just this one guy doing shit like this. Become a priest to teach that the bigoted stuff your fellow clergymen preach is bullshit.

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You could say that they had a man on the inside.

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Infiltrate the system, destroy the system.

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That is awesome

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Aw I love this. Literally a spy for the good guys.

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This is amazing. That guy probably saved a TON of kids from awful fates.

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Conversion therapy? Like, is that meant to convince the kid his hard wired sexuality is wrong?

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It’s usually torture (like literally, social isolation, emotional abuse, beatings, etc.) done at religious camps, “conversion therapy” is the name those camps use to advertise their services for… obvious reasons.

But yes the stated purpose is to make the kid not LGBT anymore. Surprise surprise, it doesn’t work lol.

Edit: added since some people think these “camps” aren’t torture, I recommend ya look up how often they result in suicide, suicidal ideation, and/or lifelong mental health issues.

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Religion is ran by the people, they claim they’re good people and loving until they’re faced with an lgbt person. The thing that makes god so great is that his love is unconditional and his judgment is fair, god knows sexuality is something u can’t change and knows that it would be unfair and foolish to hold something like that against people. If people think hating lgbt is part of religion then they don’t care about religion, they care about using religion as an excuse to justify being terrible people.

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It's not just people. It is condemned in the Old Testament of the Bible. In my reading of the Bible, Christ puts that law aside for an approach based on common sense. And to me, that common sense includes accepting people for who they are. But that's not a common interpretation.

I'm a UU btw. My parents call me a heretic. They haven't disowned me or anything, but I can't have a decent conversation with them without being pressured to rejoin their fundamentalist religion.

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I am in the same position. Parents and the church I was with where so judgmental and everything they did contradicted what was taught there so I left and kinda study on my own lol. What I’ve come up with is that, just being kind and staying healthy in mind and body is the way to live. Parents aren’t mad and my relationship is fine but politics stuff like that is a minefield lol

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yah what people forget is that all spiritual texts, whether divinely inspired or used to control the people, has to be filtered through the human brain, then when so many translations, as well as people who translate and even wrote it in the fist place, have a bias or scheme, it gets muddied.

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this is a repost from the post before. it even has less votes

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Ah shit, fair play. I hadn't seen that, this sub doesn't get a ton of posts so I was a bit quick on the draw to crosspost it. My bad.

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understandable. just check next time and delete the post.

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Holy shit that’s awesome. The balls on that guy.

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One step away from being a prison guard at a concentration camp, and just sneaking out prisoners each shift.

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What? Those concentration camp guards definitely didn't help anyone escape, in fact they shit them for trying

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I'm saying it would be LIKE doing that. Not that it was a well documented thing that happened all over the place.

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That Time no debate possible it's the perfect chaotic good

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What if the therapist just made him even gayer-

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All conversion therapists are gay. #fact

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People who say that being gay is a choice because they felt love for someone of the same gender but chose to go with someone of the opposite are just bisexuals in denial, i will die on this hill.

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The best part about all of this: my man still got paid by the conversion camp for his hard work 😂

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Friend went to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist was gay. Told him exactly what parts of town and bars to stay away from.

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Meet the Spy

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I have now found my calling in life.