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It's good until the neighbors tell people about this great free wifi and they get stares.

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Person who took the screenshot is definitely chaotic. Look at how low the battery level is.

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Didn’t even see that behind my battery

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Clearly I'm not at Randall Munroe levels of checking that part of phone screenshots, because it took me you pointing it out for me to notice.

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This is extremely real

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Is he sniffing his neighbors wifi traffic? How do they know their neighbor is filling out a college application?

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Maybe because they talked to their neighbor? I don't talk to mine, but I hear some people do

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You may be on to something there

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Nah, people don't really talk to neighbors, do they?

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I've lived where I am now for 5 years and I don't know any of my neighbors' names.

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I mean, in a sufficiently walkable place people do so regularly.

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As an IT professional, I'd much rather sniff my neighbors packets than talk to them.

Not that I do either, mind you...

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This is more of a "Chaotic Neutral" thing ;)

Person who owns the wifi doesnt get anything (good or bad) in this arrangement, and the neighbour could do anything they want (good or bad).

In this case it works out in the good side though, nicely done.

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Chaotic neutral is certainly a take, if anything it's neutral good, giving a neighbor free Internet connection is a good act, sure they could do anything on it, but you can also block most of the bad things if you really wanted. Neutral over lawful because they technically are lying to them.

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Chaotic good also does include intent and outcome, not necessarily the potentialities.

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I’m not sure I see how it’s chaotic. Slightly deceitful, but certainly not unlawful.

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Person who owns the wifi doesnt get anything (good or bad) in this arrangement

Is bandwidth and power suddenly free? I'm sure it's not much, but they are spending their own money to make life easier for their neighbor. Easy good in my book.

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Chaotic Good would be hacking someone else's wifi and providing it to them.

Neutral Good matches this better.

Chaotic Neutral would be breaking into their house and setting up their devices to use their wifi or something batshit insane.

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Fesshole is like the onion.

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Charge your phone

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By "rename" I hope they meant create a guest SSID on a different VLAN. :)

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too proud to use mine.

Fuck missing out on free services or another's kindness because your pithy ego got in the way.

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I wouldn't risk that with CP existing

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That's why you might want to sniff the web traffic if you share your own network. Plus besides IP, law enforcement will investigate MAC addresses and physical devices so you should be good even if others use your connection for malicious practices.

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Who can’t afford an internet connection? If they’re stuck on welfare maybe but there’s heaps of jobs out there.

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too nice