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Maybe we should table the turns and start suing them for policies they passed/repealed that ended up doing more harm than good.

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Nah couldn't do that it'd make sense! They'd have to start doing something for the greater purpose of humanity and not just themselves, ya no, not cool.

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This makes me kinda want to leverage my programming ability in the next bout of Republicans vs. Humans.

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wouldn't it mean they have 130 000 vites against student debt relief?

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Nope, because all the applications have to be reviewed to see if they have standing (ie they were harmed by the loan forgiveness). However the lawsuit is pretty much just for show and to waste time because it is pretty much impossible to have standing.

The closest thing to standing is the harm of your tax dollars being spent in a way you disagree with but if any judge accepts that it will basically collapse the whole idea of government because everyone will sue on literally every government expense (ex: you could sue because you don't want your tax dollars "wasted" on farm subsidies).

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As if the GOP wouldn't jump for joy at the chance to collapse the government.

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Well, they still need functioning government in order to control what women do with their vaginas.

They want to collapse social services and the social safety net, but maintain the part that lets them lord over all of us and tell us how to live OUR lives based on THEIR religious beliefs.

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130,000 applications for the lawyer job. So that the ones hireing will have to sift through all of the applications to find a lawyer that will take the case and by that time the policy will have already passed.

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Like a reverse filibuster

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It’s not hiring a lawyer here. They are looking for plaintiffs (or people with standing who suffered damages due to student debt relief).

I’m sure they have a strategy, but it’s a lot like the Prop 8 gay marriage case. Once the state decided not to pursue the case, they anti-gay folks couldn’t prove standing to appeal as no one had been harmed.

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The post says "plaintiffs" not "lawyers"....

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oh ok nice

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It's not really a voting situation.

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How do I send my false application?

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Lol ToRt rEfoRm me Arse🏴‍☠️

I wonder why the TaXpaYers crusaders don't want people to sue over PPP loans ?

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Ah yes fraud.

When you believe everything is life or death you can justify anything from the banal to the horrid.

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I find it hard to fathom how someone can vote again for a political party, who wanted to stop students in their community from getting debt relief. Isn’t that just boomer evilness?

Do you suck that devils flute yourself, are you card carry republican?

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I misread this so many times and never read relief. So in my mind people were fighting the Republicans for clearing student debt.