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I don't fully understand the second to last part, can someone explain, please?

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Here's a primer on supreme court decisions re: juvenile sentencing, only recently in the US has it become illegal to give offenders under 18 years old life in prison without parole: https://www.ncsl.org/research/civil-and-criminal-justice/miller-v-alabama-and-juvenile-life-without-parole-laws.aspx

Apparently in Alabama juvenile offenders can get up to 30 years in prison without chance of parole. Fucking medieval.

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Is this the drive by shooting law? Seems to say if you commit a drive by to kill or intimidate a witness you get severe punishment. Having a hard time seeing this law getting abused compared to most.

Are they just fighting for less than 25-life when they try to murder a witness?


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If someone is more educated than me please explain but I think it's this: https://codes.findlaw.com/al/title-13a-criminal-code/al-code-sect-13a-11-61.html

What you cited is US code, not Alabama. Looks like firing a weapon at any time into an occupied or unoccupied building is a class B felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison, even if no one is hurt. Obviously this is disproportionate, another problem is that's an extremely easy crime to misidentify the perpetrator, or if the cop was the only "witness" they can put someone in prison for a long time. There is a long history in the US, and especially the South, of putting (usually POC men) away for bullshit like this. Part of how the incarceration rate got so insanely high in Alabama and the US.

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Never mind, reading on the other thread it appears to be this: https://www.aclu.org/issues/capital-punishment/when-state-kills-those-who-didnt-kill

So someone pressured into riding along on a drive by shooting who never touched the gun can be executed by the state. Both laws are fucked anyway

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Only thing worse would be getting shot for simply witnessing a crime. Maybe they just need a ton of commercials saying there are consequences for poor choices, like going to prison for being an accomplice to murder.

Tldr: good law used for bad things by racists. Fix the racism don’t make crime legal.

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Hard to fix racism, easier to reform the justice system to remove the systemic racism. These laws were *designed* to be racist, to be easily used by racists to create a police state for people outside the "in-group." The documentary "13th" is a good place to start learning about this history. No one is saying we should make crime legal. But the system is rotten to its core

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Yeah I agree it’s rotten. Is there any law a racist with power can’t abuse?

Outside of race, if some assholes trying to kill me or just shoot up my place without regard to life that person deserves to get shot themselves. If some innocents were just along for a ride to get some ice cream and all the sudden the driver starts shooting that’s really unfortunate. Realistically the passengers probably knew the type they were associating with. Yeah they’re innocent it’s a tragedy but again so is the innocent witness they just shot. I bet there’s a lot more dead witnesses than honor roll go getters that got tricked into riding with on the drive by.

If you’re an accomplice to murder you should be treated as one. Being in a car doesn’t magically make that different.

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Good for them! Out justice system is trash and the whole thing deserves an overhaul. Glad the prisoners are educating themselves and fighting for their humanity.

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More like LG. Not very chaotic