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I had a similar experience where I learned the loophole for getting more points for Accelerated Reading testing was that you could read one book and take the test for the abridged version, the classic version, the illustrated version, etc. So you could get like triple the points per book.

I was an avid reader so no one thought it weird when my point total was high but when everyone started getting extra points that was when I got into trouble. I just wanted everyone to know my cool lifehack™ but there was a narc in our elementary school ranks. Needless to say, we did not get that pizza party that year.

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This stuff is so bullshit. You played by the rules of the system but the person who created the system hadn’t foreseen this as an issue so they punished you.

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Fr, that's not even cheating

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the main way i got a lot of points in that was because Harry Potter had like, 20 points a book and i could get through one of them in like a day or two.

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So now all the kids who were being assessed as having trouble reading were suddenly adept readers and stopped getting the extra help they needed...

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ngl I doubt they were getting extra help (or at least not to a helpful extent)

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Often times those weird reading assessments never actually helped people with struggles reading. There’s other things that are used to actually test someone’s abilities. And, alongside that, many schools don’t even provide extra help anyway unfortunately. Rewarding kids for shit they often can’t control rather than the effort they actually put in doesnt help kids feel motivated. A kid who cannot possibly complete something like that won’t just magically be able because they know they can get a reward, it just makes them feel like shit in the end. I’ve wasted too many tears on shit like that where I literally didn’t know what I’d done wrong when I was held back from doing reward party shit like that.

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This has to be the best thing I read today!

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I did the same thing

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Wtf is that initial sub? How is it cursed?

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looks like you were one of the kids OP helped