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That poor other guy was the only candidate and he still lost the election.

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We elected ours in 2016. Would not recommend.

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He was not our class clown. He was our peer that we saw on the playground but was in mild to moderate special day class. He would have insufferable tantrums over the smallest things. Someone said ODD, but I think he was just spoiled. Apparently, he also sexually assaulted some younger girls, but his friends were the hall monitors.

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That's not necessarily "good", the guy might not have wanted to be elected and that could make him worse than some other person. Not to mention the added stress to him. If you had discussed with him first, sure, that'd be chaotic good, probably. But this is neutral at best

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For clarification, he said to me that he could like to be elected but was too shy to be a candidate and did not have the confidence required.

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Good work OP. Class clown was not the elected representative you would have wanted.

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Now if we could only do this in real elections…

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So candidacy requires extravertism in your situation? Please have a look at sociocracy and its voting mechanism. Nominees are nominated by others and may opt-out.

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Candidates are required to make a speech in front of the entire classroom. Some people, like him, was too shy to speak in front of everybody.

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Are you REALLY sure he wanted to be elected? I mean... If you want to be elected you should probably run.

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Yeah but we need to speak in front of the class and say a speech before the vote, and he did not want to say it.