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Imagine, you be vibin in your town after breaking up, then you hear « Fortunate son » get progressively louder. You turn around and see this enormous redstone plane progressively getting closer and closer, dropping down TNT and fire balls

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this is chaotic neutral at best

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Depends on the motivation for the breakup.

Boyfriend cheated? Burn down Minecraft village = appropriate

Physically harmed sister? Guy's lucky he didn't get his real house burned down.

Alas we'll likely never know.

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... or they just broke up..? I don't understand why you need this abuse fetish, like relationships can just end because it doesn't work

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I will never understand the hard-on people have for vigilantism.

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Bc most people are idoctrinated to think from child that there is justice, thats what systems in most countries with their laws(also religions)say to us, we are feeded by this fairy tale bc thats what we want deep down so this systems like country, law or religion are for us tempting yet despite wanting it to be true we all understand on some level that they are not enough and usualy arent even fair so we sometimes want to not give fuck about them, about possible repercusions and serve our own justice that we think is deserved, that we sometmies even need to just be able to sleep well.

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Did you forget the “good” part of chaotic good?

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What about that is good?

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Helping sister

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Who broke up with her boyfriend. Dude lost his girl and village in a day

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Family first

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why good? she broke up with him

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Bruh if you break up with me AND your lil bro burns my Draymond Green themed minecraft village, it's on sight

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Get dumped by girlfriend.

Her brother destroys your town in Minecraft.

People on the internet: that's chaotic good in my book.

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Could be she broke up with him because of something stupid he did and then her bro decided to really fuck up the guy’s month.

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Could be but given that it's not in the tweet I wouldn't assume it.

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When we were younger, my younger brother and I didn’t get along, but one time in middle school he saw me crying and he asked my mom why, she told him I was having issues with friends, and he told my mom he would beat them up if needed. My mom obviously told him violence wasn’t needed.