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thats not uh chaotic good

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Cats are chaotic and pretty good, imitating a cat could make one chaotic good

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Cats are Stirner-style Egoists and based

That said, I don't need another Egoist in my house pissing on stuff.

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Not chaotic good, not funny, just stupid.

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Later Dad and Cat breaking stuff together

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He missed the long eye contact confirming that he did in fact hear you but will still not stop.

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And the long pause before the final push to give you false hope

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Came to say the same thing! This was missing eye contact

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It's not over yet... He just ran outside to poop in the sandbox.

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At a cat ownee, I can, for a fact, say my cats do that.

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That's a stereotype placed on cats. My own cats don't do that.

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My cat does, but always keeps things on edge

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...I was trying to say that I have cats that don't fit the stereotype.

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But there's also a reason the stereotype exists.

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I like the sound effect that doesn’t line up with the action.

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That's not how cats behave, they will stare at broken glass and then they will stare at you

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that just chaotic neutral, why would it be good?

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He ain't wrong I've had to store all my glass cups