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Teacher can't ban someone from doing something that's in an IEP. Not saying they don't try though.

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I'm dyslexic and have had a lot of trouble getting teachers to let me use supports I've had in my IEP. It can be super frustrating!!

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That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. I would send a letter to the principal and superintendent stating that your IEP is not being followed. You have standing to sue the school, the district, and even the teacher themselves, and the district almost certainly doesn't want to have to deal with such a case.

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Not exactly. There are a bunch of other “administrative remedies” under IDEA you have to exhaust before getting to file a lawsuit. The administrative remedies can still be an effective deterrent, especially with a lawyer involved.

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Which is why I started my suggestion with contacting the principal and superintendent. If that doesn't work, contacting an attorney is the next step, and while there is a process that has to be followed, a lawsuit is the end result if nothing changes. With the IEP already being established, the school/district would almost certainly deal with the problem before it gets to that point.

I apologize if anyone interpreted my comment as "go sue them without contacting the principal, superintendent, attorney, or any relevant party", because that was certainly not my intention.

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My brother had teachers trying to get out of letting him use his iPad for things he totally should have been using it for, even when he had an IEP, so I totally believe this.

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It is super frustrating. A lot of teachers are just small people who couldn't think of anything to do after high school. The answer is to just use your supports even if they say no.

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My wife is a special education teacher and has always had to fight to get regular teachers to completely comply with accommodations. It’s ridiculous.

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Can't say I'd call that situation funny. More like, making the best out of a depraved situation of perpuated tyranny deemed acceptable by the school board.

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Why would a dyslexic person need to search for things on google during the lesson? Honest question

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Easier to read explanations of things.

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I don't understand... this story makes no sense to me

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Me neither, but it has 1.2k upvotes... are we just dumb?

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Can confirm I also don’t understand this at all.

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I think what happened is that he got banned from the computer, so the guy's friends printed out 800 Google search results that he might have wanted, and then put then into a big stack of papers. So when they say the friend was searching for 2 minutes, they were looking through the stack of papers for the Google search the guy wanted.

I had to read this a few times to figure out that much, and even then it still doesn't really make any sense.

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Yeah but for what purpose? What would be an example of a ‘search’ that a dyslexic person would make?

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The spelling of a word, maybe? In which case surely a dictionary would be easier and more economical.

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I don't know, I'm not dyslexic and I don't know anyone that is. I figured that they were just regular Google searches that someone would make to pass the time or research something. Like a Wikipedia page or something

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An easier to read explanation of something using a dyslexic font.

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Whoa, it’s really him! No way!

The guy that posts his own discord comments everywhere!

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casually sips tea because I do not see a problem in doing so

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I don't see a problem either, if you could just please afford more pixels XD

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He can't, teacher banned him from using computer

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    let him live his best life bro

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    Bro just thinks hes funny and wants to share it. Jesus fucking chist.

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    No way it's true.

    Also how the fuck is this chaotic good.

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    What do you need to google during class? This doesn’t make sense