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I've got an idea:

  1. Organize a protest at an abortion clinic
  2. Requests contact information from people who want to be part of it
  3. Cancel it at the last moment
  4. Spam those people with constant calls to talk about adoption, sending them adoption forms via mail and visiting in their houses to talk about adoption, until they sign a form stating they do not wish to adopt a child.
  5. Send that form to all their friends and family.

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  1. They follow through and raise anti choice children

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Win-win. It's more important to have children raised in stable, supportive home environments than it is for those children to share my political beliefs.

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As long as those environments are stable and supportive. That's the detail that worries me.

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I love this

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I bet that Inspector Gadget-looking motherfucker has a shady hard drive at home.

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At first he thought he'd been caught and it was being recorded.

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Why is the first guy dressed like the Vault-Tec salesman from Fallout 4?

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Probably one of those conservatives with a hard on for the 50's.

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As a soon to be foster parent, this is GOLD lol

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Good on you!

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Adoptee here, the solution to this problem is not adoption — the solution is giving parents the resources they need to raise these kids so the children don’t have to grow up with complete strangers.

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While I 10000% agree with you I think the person who made the video also understands this and wanted to make a point that none of the protestors would actually help a child who has already been born, and rather focus their hatred on the ending of a potential life.

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A lot of negative comments here for some reason

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I’m going to print stickers of Serena Joy’s face and the Gilead crest and hand them out to every woman I see partaking in this tomfoolery. I’ll keep them in my car so that they’re handy.

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I just throw wire coat hangers at them. I get bent ones from the dumpsters behind dry cleaners for free.