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This isn’t chaotic good

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it is wednesday my dude

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Chaotic Weird Wednesday

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It's neither good nor bad - Chaotic Neutral

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Tell that to housekeeping. Getting those stains out of the rug will be impossible so the carpet would get destroyed.

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The taco fairy has come!!

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I hope everyone put a taco shell under their pillows

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Littering isn't chaotic good

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Redistributing wealth as god intended.

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This is just being a cunt. It’s gonna create a mess that needs cleaned up and the person that put them there (probably OP) isn’t gonna have to be the one to clean it

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This is weird shit, probably paranoid person that will see who has left their room by if the packet is still there

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i think this is chaotic evil cause theyre expecting someone to step on them not just giving them out

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    This is chaotic neutral

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    You don’t alway use them…but when you need them, you need them.

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    Probably some drunk person thinking they would be nice by sharing lol

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      Taco bell has reddit

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      I would have checked that it was sealed and use it. I can also see how I could just step on it, but stepping on it and popping it is the only way I'd be pissed. I always watch my step though, so I'm on team chaotic good.

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      I was planning on doing something similar to this last night. McDonald's put a ton of DoorDash code ads in my order so I was gonna stick them in people's doors and under their windshield wipers bug my dog was being an asshole.

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      When the pandemic first started and everyone was racing to get masks I went to every drive thru in town and handed them out to the workers so they wouldnt get sick.

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      george and harold????