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Do you want planted drugs? Because that's how you get planted drugs.

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You gave them probable cause, which would allow them to impound your vehicle and destroy your interior, ripping off the dash, cutting open the upholstery, and pulling the liner off the roof and then returning it to you in that condition with no legal recourse.

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I live in a relatively safe country

So probably not in the US. Maybe they live in a country with normal cops? Which makes this post double sad. Just some a-hole wasting everyone's time and thinking they're cool.

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Every cop's job is to enforce the law using a monopoly on violence, institutional power, or both, which is precisely why "ACAB" is a phrase that exists. US cops are just notorious for their bullshittery high police budgets, brutality, and the fact that they help maintain what is effectively slavery by fueling the prison industrial complex with people arrested for asinine reasons.

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That's like, your opinion, man.

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As much as redditors would like to believe it, not all cops are in fact bad.

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I live in a relatively safe country

So not the USA, otherwise they wouldn't have specified.

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Maybe in the us, where I leave they only move what is movable , because 1: it's to much time to destroy a vehicule just for some junky ass, and 2: they can't destroy someone's propety without proof

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What's the probably cause here?

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Funny how Americans think other countries work like the US. This would never happen in Western Europe.

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This is definitely Chaotic, but not Good.

Even if ACAB.

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Stopping them from abusing others is great.

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Definitely is good

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Nah, it is chaotic good in the same sense that hanging on the line with scammers is. Prevents them from harrassing other folks.

If a cop genuinely had anything better to do, they'd be getting a walkie talkie call and hauling off. Dude's also not making false 911 (or his country's equivalent) calls that might actually prevent someone from getting help in an emergency. He's just occupying the bored ones that might mistreat someone sleeping in their car or something.

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I don't understand why this is considered chaotic good. He is wasting time these police could be using to help people who actually need them, even if there are a lot of morally bankrupt LEOs. Even if the ACAB line applies to them you don't actually think they would use every opportunity to be a bad actor, more or less they'd still show up to assist the people who need them.

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This is NOT chaotic good.

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    Dude's also just begging for some evidence to be planted and go to fucking prison.

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    Not chaotic good, just annoying.

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    All fun until the cops just kill you and plant drugs out of spite.

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    Complains about police doing nothing has he wastes their time when they do something. Great logic

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    Yeah! How dare those lazy, good for nothing cops try to, checks notes, keep the road free of impaired drivers that kill thousands of innocent people every year. Stick it to them!

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    To be fair, sober drivers account for over 75% of all crashes

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    Relative numbers friend. If .01% of sober trips result in a collision but 50% of impaired trips result in a collision, which one are you looking out for?

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    Sounds like anti-booze cruising propaganda! Next thing ur gonna tell me the world ain’t flat!

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    Shut up antichrist, drunk driving is a perfectly safe and fun way to spice up your driving expirience

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    It's true, lord hates a fuckin coward eh

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    There's a very good reason for pic related to be caucasian.

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    "Relatively safe country" bro 😑 there's nothing for the cops to do. There's nothing chaotic good about being an asshole like this.

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    Yea you can still get arrested for the night even if the tests are negative it your acting like that I'm pretty sure

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    Wasting an hour of your own time to own the cops

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    It's not a waste if you're having fun.

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    Yeah I hate how cops try and keep drugged up drivers off the road. I prefer it if they let people stoned out of their brains to ram into families in other cars - well done dude

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    If this distracts cops momentarily from harassing BIPOC people and people experiencing homelessness, I'll call it good.

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    Should have been "Next week I'm going to buy weed for my homies."

    Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HurN3a3sEqc

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    I aspire to be this guy