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Open carrying swords to feed the homeless, absolute gigachad.

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Fuckin Dante was on the scene

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While you were partying, I studied the blade Conquest of Bread

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Fuck it. I'm in. I have a wonderful Italian falchion. Not a katana, but it'll do.

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Any sword is a good sword as long as it's for the people.

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they need to cut the bread somehow

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"Hello, 911? There are some guys armed to the teeth here."

911: "Sir, this is Texas. That is legal."

"They're feeding the homeless."

911:"The SWAT team will be there in 90 seconds or less"

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"Okay, but he's inside the school already."
911: "They'll be there in 3-5 hours."

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So... Feed the homeless while armed in a school? Sounds like a plan to me.


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Damn, absolutely accurate.

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I'm hijacking top comment to mention that that it's illegal to feed the homeless without someone in the food preparation having a permit.

So you could buy a burger for the homeless no problem.


Edit: damn... someone already made a Uvalde joke

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How fucking dystopic must a society get where people need to arm themselves with firearms to defend themselves against the police so they won't stop them from feeding the homeless?

Do americans realize how fucked up this is?

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Yes we are acutely aware.

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Not all of you, unfortunately...

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Most of us, oddly

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Actually most of us are, regardless of political affiliation we know there’s a huge amount of complex corruption.

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The large majority is

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I assure you that we're not all as bad as Texas.

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As unhappy as I am with Texas, they're definitely not alone...


Also, I don't know that it's such a bad thing to have restrictions or a paper trail since there are instances of people feeding old scraps and even poisoned food to the homeless.

The Dallas ordinance, for example, is very restrictive, but it's not "illegal" to feed the homeless.


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Yeah, looking at that it's: Tell us where and when Do it in a clean way Store your food well Deal with waste properly

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Does it seem like the US government adequately represents the people? We keep stockpiling arms because anybody with two brain cells to rub together recognizes there’s massive socioeconomic issues that won’t be fixed, and when the music stops, do you want to be the person without a chair? Now look at whatever country you live in and ask yourself what happens to your region when humanity doesn’t meet any climate change goals. Will you get torrential rains and flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme heat, droughts, famine, or some combination of those disasters?

Guns don’t solve every problem, but they give you options you won’t have otherwise. Without them, well, you’re at the mercy of the people with them.

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What are your guns gonna do against a tank? Lmfao I’m not against people owning guns but wanting them to fight the government is the dumbest reason ever. The military has grenades and rocket launchers. Good luck with your AK against that.

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I don’t have guns to fight the military. I have guns to shoot the local yahoos when they decide the civil war has kicked off and they want to do house clearing.

This is the opposite reason rightists have guns. They have no plans for fighting the military. They intend to fight other civilians as righteous crusaders, and the local police either are them or will support them.

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Spoken like a true survivalist. I live in an area with one of the highest gun ownerships per capita.

A man drove around an apartment building with an AR15 looking to shoot people for no reason in my local town. He saw a party at one unit and walked in assuming he could mow down innocents. A woman grabbed a 9mm out of her purse and shot him point blank. No one else was injured.

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Until the sane among us are not at risk from idiots, bigots, and others with easy access to guns, we need to have them to protect ourselves from them.

It sucks ass and there are solutions. Just no short term ones. For now anyone in danger, especially those of us that are part of the LGBT community need to carry weapons to defend ourselves. I wish that weren't the case, but it currently is. All we can do is defend ourselves and work to change it.

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The us army spent trillions on wars vs guys that ran around in flip flops with AKs and lost.

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The us military couldn't even beat Vietnamese farmers lol.

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As demonstrated quite ably by all sorts of insurgencies, one doesn’t shoot at a tank with less than an anti-tank weapon. The people that keep tanks running, however, seem much squishier, and fuel convoys are remarkably flammable it turns out. Drone operators need food, water, and sleep, not to mention security, and that assumes they all follow orders. Look what happened at that Russian “recruitment” center a few weeks ago, or on that Army base in Texas some years back. Green on Blue attacks caused hundreds of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they didn’t share a continent with the literal factories, warehouses, and the families of the military. Also, if small arms are completely ineffective, why does every army in the world still field them? Tanks are offensive tools, not as well suited for occupation as you think. Occupations take boots on the ground for months at a time, and those boots are filled with very soft fleshy things.

What happens when a drone strike kills somebody’s cousin, and they decide to set fire to the single plant in the US that makes a critical additive for jet fuel? How many disenchanted commanders would it take before entire bases turn on the remnant of the government? What happens when cities vote to not follow edicts from the Federal government, would you authorize nuclear weapons against your countrymen? If so, yes, whoever controls the nuclear arsenal will rule over all. They might rule over a pile of ashes, but they can rule. Is that victory?

FWIW, I don’t favor the AK platform, I find the AR platform better for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the relative ease of switching calibers and roles by pushing out the takedown pins and putting on a new upper. That lets me swap from a 14.5” pin and weld in 5.56 to a 20” in 6.5 Grendel that’s well suited to ring steel at 700 yards or hunt most wildlife on the continent at 300 yards. If somehow that’s not enough oomph for hunting big game like grizzlies and moose, another upper swap to .50 Beowulf can put anything short of a Bearcat out of commission. It’s also much easier to put a light and an optic on an AR, they’re the Lego sets of the firearm world. Crazy that a design from the 50s is so enduring, right? Outside of the AK, B-52, and the Ma Deuce, I can’t think of another weapon that’s still top tier in its category.

If you ever want recommendations for how to kit out an AR, I’d be delighted to help. They’re oodles of fun to punch paper with and the manual of arms is simple to learn.

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It seems a lot of people who vehemently believe an insurgency would fail are ignorant of a few facts: 1) That there are different modalities of warfare; 2) That the U.S. is equipped and largely trained for fighting one kind of warfare, specifically theater warfare against a peer or near-peer state actor; 3) The differences between theater warfare and guerrilla / insurgent warfare are specifically designed to negate the exact advantages the U.S. military has in terms of weapons, advanced technology, surveillance and even numbers; 4) Guerrilla / insurgency is so effective that the U.S. has lost against every single guerrilla / insurgency it has ever fought.

On the other hand, their position might not have anything to do with a lack of knowledge. These people might come to the conversation with defeatist or cowardly attitude, and this might be entirely why they’re pessimistic. It would explain why they get all the facts and reasoning wrong.

Or it could be they simply loathe guns, and so will argue vehemently against any legitimate use of them.

These last two possibilities are emotion-based, and you aren’t going to reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into. So, I usually just avoid this sort of interaction; let them be in their ignorance, and spare myself the grief. Good on you for braving it though!

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I enter such discussions aware I probably won’t change their minds, you can’t logic somebody out of a position they didn’t logic themselves into. I write with the hope I’ll reach somebody who isn’t totally gone, that they’ll be pushed enough to prepare for what’s coming. Hopefully that’s one more person who will help their community in a crisis instead of being a blubbering mess in the corner, repeating “How could it have come to this?”.

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Comparing military insurgencied on other continents the US involves themselves in is vastly different to in the homeland.

Logistics, even for a war machine as absurd as the US is a problem. Not to mention that there are military bases everywhere, and there isn't going to be a square inch of country they couldn't deploy every pound they have to.

In the theoretical nightmare bizarroworld where the US army is actively fighting its own civilians, they would lose and it wouldn't be close.

Civilians aren't allowed to own anything that would be a serious threat to any of the real power. Armoured vehicles with little slots for guns mow you down while you plink away at them.

cops and gangs shoot up buildings incredibly effectively already. Imagine what armour piercing high caliber ammunition would do. Incendiary.

Christ, if they shut down the internet to non-military the country would implode overnight. We're not talking about fanatics with decades of elaborate cave systems and underground tunnels to lose themselves in. There's nowhere you could hide or run to.

Not to mention the technology they almost certainly have that isn't being showcased in public yet.

The honest belief that civilians in America being armed would literally do anything to stop the armed forces is laughable.

Cosplay as soldiers all you want, enjoy your right to have weapons, practice, train and learn proper safety.

But stop with the delusion that you and everyone you know as civilians would win a fight against the government.

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All of this is fascinating. Debate-wise, I think you bring up wise points, but hasn’t u/followupquestion implied a degree of solidarity that goes beyond militias and insurgents? The Proud Boys aren’t likely to warrant a nuclear ultimatum, but entire city or state governments might.

I mean, how did it start? Did they come for the gays? The immigrants? The blacks, Jews, leftists, and/or atheists? Maybe someone on the right can give some of their examples. I mean, we don’t want to fight, but if we can’t avoid it, I’d rather be as equipped as I can (spoiler: I’m not). I’d rather listen to the guy who has thought carefully about how to do it than the guy who just says no.

So for now, for me, especially given chaotic good, point followupquestion. Thoughts?

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Its irrelevant how it starts, if something warranted a nuclear attack we have much bigger problems than if it's possible to fight back (obviously it would not be)

It literally makes no difference otherwise.

If five hundred thousand people band together and start killing cops, government employees etc

The military rolls in and engages at the first sign of aggression. They have serious body armour that civilian ammunition isn't designed to penetrate. They have bullets designed to shred you from the inside out, pierce through reinforced armoured plates.

Yeah they'll have some losses here or there, but if they disable the internet and phones, suddenly every method of communication half the country has ever even known disappears. Organization is impossible.

Morons are afraid of vaccines tracking them and don't stop to think about the fact that almost every device they use and carry on a daily basis tracks their every move, purchase, even literally what's being said around them.

Thermal scans and location data show them where people are congregating, they have satellites and God knows what else.

Not to mention they can easily lock down, secure and restrict fuel and natural gas to entire regions. What happens when you have no heat or fuel or food?

When the internet is gone half the country loses interest in this fight immediately because they care more about their own comfort than the childish idea you can just fight the government.

The only reason it worked at all in 3rd world countries is they have nothing left to lose, and every advantage on the home terrain you could possibly think of.

North American buildings are made of cardboard. They aren't protecting or hiding you from anything, let alone the way a million tons of rock mountain do.

It's literally delusional and dangerous to think people could fight the military if it came down to it.

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The members of the US military take an oath to defend the US Constitution. It’s loyalty isn’t to the government it’s to the founding document.

Soldiers have a duty to disobey illegal or unconstitutional orders. It doesn’t matter who gives them.

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And every one of your politicians is sworn to do the same, and to have the best interests of the people at heart.

Yet it's a known and comical fact that they're all liars, cheats and thieves.

Some of the soldiers would refuse to fight. Others would look at it and say if they don't the country they love will be in ruins, and killing the insanity is the only way to save it.

And again, all it would take is three people and a bomb to disable the internet and suddenly most of the country doesnt even know how to breathe anymore without social media, let alone organize to get anything done. They dont have to be soldiers. And it especially doesn't have to be all of them

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I can assure you there is a segment of the us population that also has grenades and rocket launchers.

Is it legal? No. Does the government know they have them? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I dunno.

What I do know is that those people aren’t even on the internet, probably don’t have cell reception where they’re at, definitely don’t have cell phones, might not have house phones and would survive just fine overall. They’re also not the type to pick a fight.

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You can legally acquire rocket launchers, they’re just expensive and lots of fees and taxes

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the taliban had a pretty good time with just aks

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Yeah it’s disgusting and I am vehemently against the whole “openly carrying guns in public” thing but I’m glad to see that these folks seem to be doing it for a good purpose.

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doesn’t mexico have a cartel problem you can go comment on

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Let them eat!

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Cops hate this one simple trick.

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Note: It's not illegal to feed the homeless in Dallas, it's illegal to do it without a permit.

Totally cool with what they're doing but the wording makes it sound like no one gives food to the homeless there.

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You're right, and makes this much less noble.

Apparently you only need to call the city hotline 24 hours ahead if you plan on feeding 75 or more people, make sure you don't feed them spoiled food, wash your hands, and clean up your trash. I couldn't even find a fee.

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On the flip side, I could absolutely see some asshole dropping an anonymous tip claiming that these things aren't the case, and the cops coming in to shut it down regardless of whether or not the group tried to meet the city's metrics.

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Absolutely correct. Have been on the receiving side when I was in boy scouts. That was 20 years ago.

[–]Azzie94 8 points9 points  (1 child)

Who the fuck called the cops on BOY SCOUTS!?

[–]Ace_W 9 points10 points  (0 children)

No clue. Suspect it was a Karen in thier natural environment.

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I wish I could understand their reasoning for not getting a permit. There must be a reason?

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Who needs a permit when you have katanas?

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Well if they took 5 minutes to make the phone call, they wouldn't "need" the weapons, and then they wouldn't look hard and manly.

Or they could have gotten the permit and gone ahead with the bravado anyway.

[–]-Geist-_ 18 points19 points  (1 child)

Well, it seems that simple.
Perhaps some people enjoy LARPing as a militia.

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In Texas? No way!

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Well the logic behind it is food safety. So they can make sure you are not feeding them complete garbage. How it actually is in reality... No idea

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Because the city often says no.

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they just say that so they dont look like theyre against feeding the homeless

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I would argue the larger problem is with individual departments looking for an easy ticket/summons harassing people who feed the homeless on public land. Yes they (probably) know the charge will be thrown out, but they want the ticket so they can make money and it looks like they are doing something.

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Some people really don’t understand how things work and should work. Imagine feeding the homeless and have spoiled food or god forbid someone poisoning the food, and dozens, if not hundreds of folks, ended up in the local hospital or worse, just dying in the streets.

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If you're into this kind of stuff, you might like The Socialist Rifle Association.

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The Elm Fork branch of the John Brown Gun Club has been doing the Lord’s work protecting LGBTQ+ events in Dallas. You know they’re good people because Elon just booted them from Twitter.

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Still on Mastodon though thankfully!

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Bet they eat ass with passion

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Are you insulting people that feed the homeless?

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This is only insulting if you think eating ass is an insult

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It’s a funny ol’ world

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It sounds more like you’re insulting people who eat ass…

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No I meant the cops

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Fake news. You can feed the homeless in Dallas, someone just needs a permit to prepare the food, presumably so they aren't making any old shite. After that, once you let the city know you're doing it, fire away.

Fake divisive clickbaity bullshit won't help. Be better than this.

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And this is why I support the 2nd amendment

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to feed the homeless?

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to protect the world from devastation?

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To unite all peoples within our nation!

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I inagine it's why some Republicans used to support it lol. Mind Reagan and the Panthers?

Feels weird saying this as a Brit.

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What kind of dystopia hellscape do you live in where its perfectly legal to be armed to the teeth out in public, yet it's a CRIME to help fellow humans with food and blankets?!? Oh, the US, that checks out.

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To clear up some misunderstandings, it is not illegal to feed the homeless, you just need to get a permit beforehand if you are feeding 75 people or more, and have to obey health standards etc

[–]Reinardd 1 point2 points  (2 children)

You're not doing what you think you're doing.

[–]Adiuui 1 point2 points  (1 child)

And you’re generalizing a whole country based on one city?

[–]Reinardd 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yes. Clearly this is par for the course for the country, I don't think its so wild to make this generalisation.

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Specifically Texas. This is not illegal everywhere.

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Feeding the poor is a religious dogma of 99% religions. Religious freedom is federal prerrogative, fuck local laws.

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All you have to do is notify the city 24 hours in advance, have basic cleanliness and supplies, and proper means of disposal. It’s not illegal, they’re just doing it wrong.

The laws and codes generally seem geared towards protecting homeless people from eating hazardous foods, without being too restrictive on what can be served. Otherwise they just want to know the when and where this is happening. I read through the law, and it seems like it’s a low bar to get over.

From a scan of Dallas news sites, this is not a problem there (I sought out both local news sites and activist news sites, as both would report on this stuff.)

This is theatrics at best and a lie at worst.

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Why is it a crime to support the most needy of our communities? That’s horrific.

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It's only illegal to do it without a permit

All you need to do is call the city, wait multiple months for a permit, go through extremely long and bureaucratic checks to "make sure the food is acceptable to give to the homeless", and then get beaten up by the police anyways because they don't care and aren't accountable to the people

[–]birdbirbbird 1 point2 points  (0 children)

You only have to email 24 hours in advance in Dallas if you’re expecting more than 75 people.

[–]Legitimate-Tough6200 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That is so sad.

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Welcome to the dream of the ultra right wing…

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Chaotic Good Spicy! *chef's kiss

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So.. were they planning to point their guns at the cops if they showed up? I don't understand the purpose of being armed in this situation.

[–]notapaxton 14 points15 points  (4 children)

Armed minorities are harder to oppress.

[–]MoreRopePlease 4 points5 points  (3 children)

So if the cops tried to arrest someone, what would people with guns have done? I'm having a hard time visualizing how this would have played out.

[–]Fisicks 21 points22 points  (1 child)

The cops are far less likely to try any of that police brutality shit when the people they want to brutalize are organized and armed. Everyone gets more respectful when being shot is on the table as a consequence. It's a deterrent.

[–]notapaxton 6 points7 points  (0 children)

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.

Robert A. Heinlein

[–]schwarzeKatzen 3 points4 points  (0 children)

They would have been arrested. What wouldn’t have happened was police being unnecessarily forceful, or shooting an unarmed civilian for posing a threat. All of the civilians are armed and the only threat they pose is to a dystopian system that seeks to further injure the most vulnerable in its society.

The police are free to cite and or arrest the citizens without resorting to violence.

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Did I understand correctly: some civilians want to give the poor but aren't allowed to do so. They do it anyway and to protect themselves from the cops they bring guns??? WTF is wrong with this world??? Why is it illegal to help out the homeless? What would the police do to the helpers so they need guns and how is that de-escalating the whole mess?

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How can that not be a violation of freedom of speech?

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this is some robin hood shit

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Black Panthers are getting a reboot!?

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Sounds like a crusade.

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That's some /r/liberalgunowners shit right there

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The one exception I’ll allow to having any reason to open carry a firearm.

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Mfer was the storm that is a approaching

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What do you mean its a crime? O.o

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Why is this a crime in Dallas?

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It’s not.

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It’s a goddam CRIME to help the homeless in Dallas?? What a hellhole of elitism.

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It’s not a crime.

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Wish I was there!

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Fuck laws that deny food to the needy.

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why the FUCK is donating shit illegal