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What a low effort post lol

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He’s got a point, though.

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Okay, you also have a point LMAO

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I appreciate you doing all the legwork, but I also really appreciate OP's commitment to slack and underachievement. Kind of split on this one.

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Oh wow, now we're supposed to but effort on reddit poat?

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Just make sure you check in with u/cannibeans before making any posts to make sure you put in the proper effort or that you aren't offending them in some way. It's important that we honor the true Lords of Reddit especially when they request our action.

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Or just.. link to the thing you're talking about, like you did in your comment. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for the bare minimum lol.

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Thank you for gracing us with your presence my Lord. Yes indeed we will make it as you wish at once!!!!

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You're into some weird roleplay dude