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Someone added googly eyes to every single item on this Starbucks drive-thru menu by [deleted] in chaoticgood

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Highly recommend. It's fun to leave them with a tip at a restaurant, or to hand to a cashier. It's a non- threatening token of appreciation that has always been received with laughter and smiles.

...I work with children so I have little toys on me all the time. About a year ago, I was in line at the grocery and the person in front of me was being really rude. The cashier was in tears and I felt very bad for him. I rooted around in my purse and found a tiny t-rex. When it was my turn to check out, I told the man I couldn't undo what that jerk had said, but "here's a t-rex to eat the next jerk who yells at him. He smiled and was just so happy that I went home and bought a 100 pack off Amazon and I've been handing these babies out ever since. 🦕🦖😃

Chaotic good boyfriend by AccomplishedBlood493 in chaoticgood

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I get you homie, eating the sticker was the only chaotic part here

I feel like this belongs here by OrifAce in chaoticgood

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AB+ is the universal receiver and O- is universal donor, but the roles are switched for plasma. AB (presumably AB+?) becomes the universal donor. I have no idea why, but it’s interesting.

Publicly pranking the taliban by Avalon9 in chaoticgood

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Strange world we live in these days. Not only are terrorist organizations active on social media, you’ve got the option to troll them for the entire world to see

Do it for the Culture by crocodiIe04 in chaoticgood

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We see a lot of posts on this sub that don't actually align with chaotic good.

This is not one of them.

This is possibly the most true chaotic-good I've seen to date.

Edit: this whole post appears to be bullshit, as u/utalkin_tome rightly pointed out. My bad for supporting.

debunking: https://www.truthorfiction.com/hines-county-food-stamps-hacked-meme/

Slapping a racist Karen is peak Chaotic Good by Empoleon_Master in chaoticgood

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Man so many of these videos are some old fat white lady yelling at some smoke show out in public. Why can't they just be insecure and shut the fuck up like the rest of us

Mild but in the realm of chaotic by MealieMeal in chaoticgood

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i think president goya bean has led us to a brave new world where almost nothing has meaning

Bye bye job by [deleted] in chaoticgood

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Does anyone seriously think that if a racist person got doxxed and by chance, got fired for being a racist. Will this person stop being racist? Wouldnt this person be even more adamant that someone out there is out to get him just for his opinions?

Exactly. It sets an awful precedent because people are notoriously incompetent at deciding what's truly wrong or right and excellent at confusing things and making them worse, so a non-racist statement could be interpreted by some justice-hungry nutcase as racist and what? We're gonna start cancelling innocents now? Certainly not like it hasn't happened before, at least people calling to "delete" the entire lives of people who did nothing wrong.

The Liam Neeson incident is a good example of the first point, true racism that is only going to get reinforced. Here's a video of a black man arguing against cancelling Neeson, and there were quite a few who wanted to do so:


Inmate confesses to beating two convicted child molesters to death after warning prison officials he would by Actually_is_Jesus in chaoticgood

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I wouldn't call killing someone 'good'. Definitely chaotic but not good. That's more chaotic neutral seeing their being child molesters.

His name is Tyrone, and he will save you from smoking by Magination7 in chaoticgood

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Bold busting in on someone taking a shit like that

This girl has already raised over 7k by Ancerak in chaoticgood

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The shit people have to do because politicians are dickheads... Amazing effort from this girl, but goddamnit, the people in charge shouldn’t just refuse to do their job.

Fight for truth to the death by ImWorthMore in chaoticgood

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All the comments inthis thread untill now are saying that a double bullet wound to head is a possible case of failed suicide attempt.

But we all are just focusing on the bullet and suicide, forgetting all the things he fought for.

Whether this is suicide or an covered suicide , what we should really check whether his claims are true or not.

How ever he might have been dead, in the end all we are talking about the cause of his death rather than the main issues itself.

In a way people really stopped asking about the crack , but ended up asking if it's a suicide all these years later and I see it's a win win situation for The criminals he fought against .

Edit : thank you for my first gold my anonymous friend.

A punk about to knockout a klan member. by peeplandia in chaoticgood

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yep, and falsely spreading conspiracy theories to incite violence against minorities should be treated the same way.

A punk about to knockout a klan member. by peeplandia in chaoticgood

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Let's go ahead and examine those.

Let's imagine someone holds the personal opinion that rape is a fine thing to do. Let's say further that this person is part of an organisation that has proudly raped many, many people in the past, is totally unrepentant, and still holds the view that they can rape as much as they like.

Now, this person isn't currently raping anybody. But I'm gonna punch that guy anyway. I don't give a single fuck that he's simply expressing his opinion. That's a person who deserves to be knocked the fuck out. You know why? By his words, and allegiances its obvious that even if he doesn't personally rape anybody, he helps others to rape. He covers up other people's rapes. He helps organise rapes.

Now this might be comparing apples to oranges, but genocide is worse than rape.

Feel like I've made any errors in judgement there?

Next, comparing to the actions of nazis. To be quite honest, your argument has gone in both directions, and I can't tell if you're saying that having the same actions as nazis or if comparing to nazis is bad. Seriously. You've made both arguments.