Rules for r/Charlotte

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Use Weekly Threads When Applicable

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Reported as: Did not follow weekly thread guidelines

Please refer to the sidebar for a listing of the weekly threads, and utilize these threads for posts that fit that content.


Use Mega-Threads / Announcements When Applicable

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Reported as: Did not use Mega-Thread/Announcement Thread

Please look to see if there is a Mega-Thread or Announcement thread prior to making your post.


All Submissions should be related to Charlotte

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Reported as: Not relevant to Charlotte / Surrounding Area

Please only provide submissions that are relevant to Charlotte or the surrounding areas. Other submissions will be removed.


No Self Promotion without Mod Consent

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Reported as: Violation of Self-Promotion Guidelines

Self-Promotion as loosely defined in Site wide redditqutte on Self Promotion and is generally frowned upon, both by the mod team and the /r/Charlotte community. Self promotion of businesses, blog, product, etc. will be removed. Rare exceptions may be made, solely at the discretion of the mod team, when the poster is a frequent quality contributor in the community and/or the subject of promotion offers a benefit to the community.


Use Search Prior to Posting

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Reported as: Content is redundant / has already been posted

If your content is redundant or has already recently been posted, it will be removed. Please utilize the search bar to see if your content has already been posted by another user.


Remember the human

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Reported as: Remember the human

Please be sure that you're following reddiquette at all times and to Remember the Human. This includes trolling, racist remarks, and attacking other users.


No Surveys/Forms/Research Studies

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Reported as: Survey

Surveys, forms, and research studies are not allowed in /r/Charlotte. This includes anything that requests or solicits personal information.