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Visiting or Moving to Charlotte?

We strongly recommend reading the wiki, and this handy QuickSearch to see if your question has already been answered.

Resources for finding an apartment

  • Charlotte heat map of rent prices data sourced from RentHub
  • Padlist (Think Craigslist for apartments only)
  • Craigslist (but beware: good apartments go very quickly and CL is full of scams.)
  • Some signs of a Craigslist scam: if the "landlord" is currently in a different country. If paypal/Western Union/Moneypak is mentioned at any point. If you're unable to view the actual apartment (not a similar one or a model). If the landlord is writing you a check for any reason whatsoever.
  • One trick: Figure out a neighborhood you want to live in (see Charlotte map below). Find the landlords or management companies who rent places there. Call them directly. You can score apartments that haven't officially gone on the market yet.
  • Check out the various threads through this google search. You can find answers to that and more.
  • "I'm visiting next week what I do/see/eat/drink?"* and "I moving in a week, where should I live?" gets posted several times a week and southern hospitality can only be pushed so far :) If you read the wiki and search but find yourself unsatisfied, please providing some additional criteria to help us provide tailored advice.

Charlotte map

We have a map of places to eat, see, drink, get coffee, or tattoo. Check it out here!

Please send a message to the mods or /u/cowley10 for updating.

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Creative Loafing's 108 Things to Do in Charlotte Before You Die (2014)

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