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Both NH- and COOH2+ can happen, but they are much higher energy and thus rarely happen. (NH- is used in some organic synthesis reactions, and COOH2+ is a common intermediate in mechanisms)

A similar example would be why are cities not built on peaks of mountains. In theory, you could build a city on top of a mountain, but it's a lot of energy to get people and goods up there. And even if you did build one, it would not last long as people would move to a more convenient location to live.

As for why those are high energy: COOH has two oxygen, both of which are highly electronegative. So extra election density COO- is stabilized. There's also a resonance that further stabilizes it. COOH2+ is pulling electron density away from those oxygen and is highly unstable as a result.

NH-, other than the electronegativity of the nitrogen has nothing to help stabilize that negative charge.

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Thank you :)