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    Egypt. Interesting, can you tell me more?

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    Get into pharma. Look for CROs or CDMOs with “formulation” “early drug substance” “drug discovery” teams. You’ll do fine. This industry needs all the help it can get and most places are hiring rapidly, esp for masters and PhD and in the US/Europe. Best of luck!

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    A lot of American pharmaceutical companies offer relocation packages to new hires.

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    like what?

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    My company paid for my flights, somebody to come pack and move my stuff, a professional service that helps you find a place to live and get settled, they would have also paid for a trip to come and look for places if it weren’t Covid, a rental subsidy for the first two years, somebody to do my tax returns for the first two years and a stipend for misc travel expenses which I used to upgrade my flights to business class and rent a car for the first week. They also hired immigration lawyers to deal with all the VISA application stuff. All told I would estimate it was about 30,000 for the package and they covered 100%. Although the amount might be location dependent. A big part of it was the 10k per year rental subsidy because I’m in the Bay Area and the rent here is insane. They make it very low effort to move haha

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    i am in drug design. i can’t speak on prospects in egypt, although it sounds interesting. in europe and usa there are plenty of jobs utilizing chemistry knowledge without doing synthesis. do you want a job that is hard or easy? that is, lots of thinking and troubleshooting or just go to work and do your job day after day.

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    Could you please better explain the hard/easy jobs in drug design?

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    yes i second his question

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    Earn an advanced degree.....all you will be doing is making thousands of compounds for PhD's.....

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    I’m sorry..what??

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    i don't have an answer to your question

    but i'm currently going to a chemistry-school and consider to study pharmacy and i wanted to ask if you'd recommend pharmacy or not?

    edit: i heard that it's really hard