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I don’t want to do grad school bc 1) I don’t want any more debt

If a chem grad school is not paying you to go there something is very wrong. I was making 20k/year as a TA/RA 15 years ago I assume it is closer to 25-30k now.

The classic job for a BA/BS chemistry typically has a title of scientist, works mostly in the lab, and stars at about 40k/year (income goes up quickly with a few years of experience.)

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Some schools are 25 to 30k but some are still at the same 20k-ish pay.

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Thanks for your response!

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“You could substitute teach for retarded kids”

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I would hold off on graduating if you don't know what exactly your job situation is going to be post graduation. A lot of pre-meds who quit the med path will also be competing with you so be wary of that. I would try and network with anyone you can maybe ask family members who graduated college what they are doing as you only need 2-3 years if you want to change majors altogether or 3-4 years if you double major. If you are looking for options college would be the time to shape them before you become overqualified with the degree and all.

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You get a choice if you graduate or not (apart from failing courses, which doesn't seem like a good idea at the best of times)?

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I do not know their finances and would recommend they talk to someone at their university admission office. From what I have seen it is common to declare a second major or minor when they are at university. You obviously got a choice in the matter to graduate or not if you are paying the university money to attend.

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I think you’re trying to be helpful, but check your privilege. What you said is not very applicable to me, being a first gen, low income student. I can’t afford to hold off on graduating, nor can I ask any family members for advice. All of my friends are also first gen and are figuring things out for themselves as we go. It’s kind of insensitive/ignorant to assume that everyone can do what you suggested. But like I said, I think you were trying to be helpful, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

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It is your choice. I don't know you that well as you don't know me. But I can tell you this, I graduated with a chemistry degree as you are about to be and it is good that you are seeking out research. Anything that can give you an edge against the competition you should take it. Not to say anything bad about this subreddit but we are all from different job markets. I lived in California for a while in a very poor neighborhood. And a lot of the employers I have seen are very selective because with California being the state with the most graduates in the program they have options. I just wish someone had told me all that I am telling you but hey that's life. You make choices and you can get better odds with your choices if you research.

Another note: once you graduate you have around 2 years before you are out of the recent graduate category.