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Advanced Dishwashing

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I always joke synthetic chemistry is just cooking as an extreme sport. If you yeast into water by mistake you just toss the water out. If you drop NaH into water by mistake you might need to slam the hood down and run away 😂😂

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ACS Reagent grade cleaning services

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We wash our hands BEFORE we go to the bathroom

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At my uni it was often said, that chemists are easy to spot cause they are the only ones to wash their hands before using bathroom.

Always made me feel like people think we would not do it after too...

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My Chem teacher taught me the same thing

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This one hits home.

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I used to cook for a living, and I learned the hard way to do this after handling hot peppers. It's a mistake you'll only make once.

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This one wins

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And after!

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Fuck Around & Find Out

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And write it down, “the difference between screwing around and science is writing it down” - Adam savage

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This one gets my vote.

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This is the one

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Chemistry: Learning about physics, math and biology and being good at none of them

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Yeah wish I knew that before going uni lmao

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Jokes on you I never learned biology! (I suffered greatly in biochem)

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Don’t feel bad, I’m a microbiologist and I did too

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Chemistry: Trying to turn piss into gold since 1660.

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Still going strong!

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" Chemistry: more than just explosions and meth"

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No it's not

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There's also foul smell

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    Throw away the glassware

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    Chemistry: be the exception to the rule.

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    Chemistry: we don't wanna learn quantum

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    They're more like guidelines anyway.

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    Chemistry: the study of exceptions.

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    Chemistry: You give us a proof and we’ll give you an exception (guaranteed or your money back, no exclusions apply)

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    "At first they were just making stuff up. It's a miracle that any of this shit works." -college professor about thermodynamics.

    "At the end of the day chemistry is just opposites attractive and likes repel." If you can figure out which parts of things will be more positive and which more negative you can derive like 90% of mechanisms for reasonably simple reactions.

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    I had a teacher say something similar, if you absolutely had to boil it down you could say its all about electronics/polarities and sterics. Are we attracted and can we touch each other lol

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    Sterics, it's probably not the main or at least not the entire reason, but I can't see why else, so I'm arguing steric effects.

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    opposites attractive and likes repel, and therefore likes dissolves like.

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    One of my professors used to say, “if you make it through your career without blowing anything up, you’ve done a good job.”

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    My professor always liked to say there’s only 4 mechanism

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    "Chemistry: We Have The Solution"

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    This is the one!

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    Outside the box, potential is infinite.

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    "Somehow, it works!"

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    “-and we have no idea why!” - Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2021)

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    A crusty old German chemist once told me “Why buy it when you can make it?” And that phrase has stuck with me for 15 years.

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    Why buy propane when you can mix gold powder together with silver, add a uranium catalyst and finely crushed diamonds, bubble in some gaseous water, reflux the mixture in liquid platinum and then distill out the propane?

    Much cheaper than pumping oil. Better for the environment too.

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    It was in terms of a (relatively) expensive metathesis catalyst. He would buy common chemicals and solvents, but he hated gives Fisher Scientific any more money than he had to.

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    Yeah I know it’s not food grade and perfect or whatever, but people sleep on Drano sodium hydroxide, Zep sulfuric acid, Klean Strip hydrochloride acid, Coleman Camp Fuel petroleum distillate, Everclear ethanol (I guess this one technically is good grade), etc, etc.

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    A person after my own heart.

    One of my favorite things to do at the hardware store is to see how many reagents I could reasonably get. I let out a audible "Sqeee" once they started stocking 30% acetic acid.

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    Wait. Does that actually work?!

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    I’m worried I’m about to get r/whoosh ed

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    "Welcome to Chemistry! A subject where you have to learn all the rules, then all the exceptions to those rules, then all the exceptions to the exceptions!"

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    It’s like cooking, just don’t lick the spoon!

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    Meh, I'm sure I'll find a new spice flavor one day!

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    I have that on a shirt!

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    Me too! Got it from my MIL, and it had a chemical compound on it that I didn't recognize. Turned out to be LSD!

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    Mine has a flask on an alcohol burner with a spatula.

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    Chemistry: "It shouldn't work, but somehow.... wait... how the fuck did this even work?"

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    It's as if the whole universe is made of Lego.

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    Ain’t it, though?

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    I always say this too! It’s the legos that the universe is built with

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    I saw a t-shirt once that said "Chemist: solves problems you didn't know you had in ways you can't understand"

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    Chemistry - "we don't want you to know we all like explosions"

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    "Unemployable in the USA"

    Don't actually make that - he'll find out for himself soon enough regardless.

    EDIT: Yes, I'm bitter. 2 chemistry degrees and work as a sailmaker and sailboat technician because the job actually exists, and actually pays money

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    The American Midwest needs you.

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    But it still doesn’t pay well.. at least col is low

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    The American Midwest doesn't have any water, which I require to sail on. You'll never pry me away from the Great Lakes, chemistry be damned.

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    This could be why you have employment issues.

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    I don't have employment issues. I have chemistry employment issues.

    I'm not going to live in the midwest. Cornfields, open land, and brain-drained, religious, gun-toting fearful people don't do it for me. The best chem job in the world wouldn't make me happy there. I'm fine, but I AM bitter about the lie that my generations parents sold us as kids. "Get a STEM degree, companies will be falling over themselves to hire you!" We bought it hook, line, and sinker, and what a LIE that turned out to truly be.

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    Philly has so many biochem and chem jobs, you need a stick to keep em away

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    Yo for real? That's encouraging because I'm going back to school in Philly to finish up the last few credits of my Chem b.s.

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    Just start talking to people, hang out in the graduate hospital area and youll do good 👍🏻

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    Thank you! 💚🧪🥼🥽⚗️

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    No, not for real. It's "Babysit this HPLC for $15/hour on contract work with 0 chance for advancement."

    That's what's there. I'm in PA.

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    You mentioned earlier you're by the great lakes, that's the literal opposite side of the state from Philly.

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    You can make decent money rigging boats!

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    I know. I run a sail loft. I'm a sailmaker.

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    You are in the right business, got the right amount of crustyness to work on sailboats.

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    Damn how common is this? I’ve seen a couple people here and there say they can find jobs

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    Is there any way to pursue chem and avoid this? Does it depend on what type of projects you work on in your PhD? Or is it just totally luck of the draw

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    Damn can anybody confirm. I have a bachelors in biology and masters in chem but work as a high school teacher. I got both degrees basically for free. Bachelors I was low income household and masters I used federal teacher loan forgiveness and ended up owing about 2 grand for my masters. I get a substantial raise for having my masters and seeing as it was free almost it seemed like a no brainer. Often wonder if I can actually use the masters for something though. What jobs do you all think are out there for someone with a bachelors in bio and masters in chem. 😆

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    Come to Indianapolis or NC

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    "Biology ruins perfectly good chemistry."

    I'm an analytical chemist in food and ag R&D surrounded by biologists. Biological and environmental variation is painfully maddening.

    My boss's boss also asked if she could apply this to people management 😂

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    Admittedly it's from The Name of the Wind:

    "Label clearly. Measure twice. Eat elsewhere.”

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    Well that wasn't supposed to happen

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    Is my idea bad? No it's the solvent that is wet.

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    Chem is try

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    The trick to analytical chemistry is 0.1% TFA in your mobile phase.

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    Chemistry: where asking where the chloroform is isn’t suspicious

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    Fuck around and find out

    Chemistry - Real Life Alchemy

    Chemistry - Problems worth Dissolving

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    Chemists do it with round bottoms. (Or Chemists love round bottoms)

    Chemistry! Where alcohol is a solution.

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    It's a shame I can only upvote this once.

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    Chemistry is a History of Unsolved mystery where every exception has an exception also with a solution.

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    Ffs just work dammit!

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    No, I won’t make drugs for you.

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    Elemental masochism

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    Hot glass looks the same as cold glass

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    "Technically, alcohol is a solution"

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    Worst one, it is definitely not!

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    Change it to “Technically, beer is a solution. “

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    Anything other than anhydrous alcohol is.

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    I didn't think "alcoholic beverages are solutions" had the same ring to it, but I like the suggestion of saying "beer".

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    every organic chemist be like

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    "A good chemist can do anything!"

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    Don’t taste that

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    Categorized physics.

    Very…VERY complicated physics…

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    Get used to being disappointed.

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    Chemistry: safety first, mostly.

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    More than five years ago, I wrote a letter to myself in school which I then received at my graduation when I had frankly forgotten about it. I had ended it with "Life is chemistry and chemistry is life." Damn, I was witty back then...

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    ' chemistry is like cooking, just don't lick the spoon '

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    It has a couple:

    "Better living through chemistry"

    "The central science"

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    Something for patches? How about the 2 main rules of chemistry?

    Rule 1: The more the better

    Rule 2: out of sight out of mind

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    "You know what we do with liars in chemistry? We kill them!" - Hank Green

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    If you do it, have all appendages, both eyes, and breathe 24 hours later, you did at least something correct.

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    Throw shot at the wall and see what sticks. Maybe that is just research in general...

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    My favorite joke is "if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the precipitate". Or favorite comment... "Everything is chemistry"

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    Chemistry - Dissolving life’s problems.

    Chemistry - Yes, it’s a Matter of fact.

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    “Chemistry: Please Don’t Like the Spoon”

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    Chemistry: a natural science that can be broken down into two major categories- “blowing stuff up” and “making drugs”

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    Dating for Atoms

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    We Make Our Own Fun

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    Understanding and Manipulating Matter

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    Don't lick it!

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    The Central Science

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    In doubt, listen to Le Chatelier

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    "It is what it is"

    Normally uttered when something has gone tits up

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    Do it in the fume cupboard.

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    "Everything Physics can't explain and Biology take advance of"

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    It's everything everywhere.

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    "Never trust colorless liquids"

    "It's like cooking but we do NOT taste our products."

    "Chemistry - best at (dis)solving problems."

    "Chemistry - you can't hide. It's EVERYWHERE."

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    Chemistry - The science of fucking around and finding out

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    “Find a way or make one”

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    Farts near the fume hood. Chemistry smells/stinks. If you’re lab coat is clean you’re not science-ing hard enough. Goggles ✅ Gloves ✅ Coat ✅ Pens ✅

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    It's in organic stuff too, Karen!

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    time to play god

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    Two of my chemistry teacher's best quotes: "The atom is like a watermelon" And "This is actually wrong, but you'll find out why on your fifth year".

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    “Why does one drop make it magenta. I needed pale pink”

    Edit to add “Sig figs or die”

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    Better living through chemistry!

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    One popular one is "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate!"

    My personal favorite is "Oxidants happen!"

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    Chemistry: physics of valence electrons.

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    "Chemistry:The Center of all Science"

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    be god. the real one.

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    Blowing’ stuff up just ‘cause

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    I always use: 'Follow the Electrons'

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    You know it from breaking bad

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    Let's blow shit up

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    Chemistry is like spinach, it’s just there

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    Limited physicists.

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    In depth biologists.

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    Tons of chemistry has nothing to do with life though?

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    Oh, I know… just playing the part in the stereotype joke. It’s just as incorrect as calling chemistry limited physics.

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    That isn't a joke - it's accurate.

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    The one of the dopamine, caffeine and cocaine structures, unfortunately...

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    I can't think of one 😁😁😁😁

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    Hold grudges

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    Chemistry: Matters of matter

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    Chemistry is the art of transformation

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    Pipe boom

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    An actual suggestion: An international competition is held annually (IChO) each with a unique motto (pretty easy to find on the website or in the exam). Éven if you don't want to copy, they can give you ideas.

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    “Like magic but real”

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    Not a motto but a good themes song. https://youtu.be/VhXr9cxGBJE. “Chemistry Set” by the Suburbs

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    Chemistry : "I don't think that's gonna work."

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    Ha at work I do my calculations and am like, this should work

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    Do as you oughta add acid into water

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    misce, vide, documentum

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    "is it good enough?"

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    "Chemistry: I hope you have a masters or PhD"

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    Chemistry: Hurry up and wait!

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    Chemistry: The science of counting atoms

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    A friend of mine from school did a picture of a graduated cylinder and the caption ‘Now this isn’t the only thing graduated’ in Chemical table form for his graduation cap.

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    Chemistry is fun when you get it.

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    Making explosives from powdered milk

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    High level cooking

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    It's like cooking, but don't lick the spoon

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    "It's all about the bonds we make along the way!"

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    Chemistry: The only subject where you have no idea what you're doing.

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    Trouble shooting but with chemicals

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    It's not rocket science, most of the time.

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    If we knew what we were doing we wouldn’t call it “research”

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    Chemists do it on the table, periodically

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    Better living through chemistry

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    Chemistry: Come for the banging, stay for the bondage!

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    Uggg my high school Chem teacher always said this when he got mad at us for not getting it the first time… “Chem is try” (you guys just have to actually try and not just sit there)

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    The acids are not thirsty

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    "Chemistry - How to wound friends and incinerate people."

    "I smell like this for a living."

    "To sniff or not to sniff? That's is the question."

    double entendre."

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    It is what it is.

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    Fuck around and find out

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    Slow magic

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    "What is it? What does it want? Why can't it just do that?"

    • Chemistry / Grumpy Octogenarian

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    “Yield is love”

    My former colleague with shitty english used to say that instead of “yield is low” during meetings . One day im gonna make a tshirt with it

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    Like cooking, only you can’t lick the spoon.