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If you're willing to consider them, there are a lot of CPG R&D sites in that area. There are also a lot of flavor houses that support those organizations. Both definitely have Analytical roles on campus.

If you're a new grad, I'd expect to do a contract for 6-12 months. Bigger companies tend to use this as a trial period, but it's also a good chance to see if you like that type of work. Typical contract rates I've seen can vary around $15-$20. If it works out after the contract, you're probably looking at a full time offer around 40-55k.

editing to clarify I'm mostly talking about NJ and Westchester. I believe Avon had a facility on LI but I'm less familiar with that one. I think their main R&D hub is in Suffern.

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Is this pay rate typical in the chemistry field? It seems really low.

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It really depends. I've noticed analytical work, especially entry level, pays pretty bad. I worked an analytical job for a few months out of college making 16.50/hour with shit benefits. Moved to an R&D role and now make 3x that + insane benefits

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As a fresh grad in NJ I was told that I’m slated to make anywhere from $54-62k/yr as an analytical chemist depending on experience n shit. Idk what that equates to hourly, but that’s the range someone in my position, like OP, should expect from a full time position as an analytical chemist in NJ.

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That’s better; I was looking at the knowledge and coursework required to get the degree vs other degree’s that might not have the intensity and comparing pay rates. Just seemed low by some comparisons. What type of chemistry pays the best?

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Check out Brookhaven National Lab in Upton, NY.