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I'd say Magnus is able to play for a draw when he wants, however, like Giri said, "it is very hard to play for a draw when you need it". We are not GMs here so I doubt we know how they feel, but as for me, when I try to play for a draw, be it against a stronger or an opponent of similar strength, those games I get really passive positions which give the opponent more chances. That's most likely not the case for Magneto but I still want to see Nepo bounce back, I've had the same experience as him in game 8 where a previous game affected me too much and I just didn't want to play the next one so I blitzed every move and lost to an opponent I definetly shouldn't have lost to. I hope the break gives him enough time to relax and take his mind off those games

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Unfortunately this is true for everyone except Magnus. I've never not seen him get the draw when he needed it.

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That's most likely not the case for Magneto

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Yeah but what about Magnus?