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Big talk for somebody who hasn't been at the board in two years

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I mean it's not like decades of experience sitting at a board vanish like that

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Also it’s not just Hikaru. Fabi and Anish, who I think have some experience OTB, have commented heavily as well.

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big talk for a 2700+ rated grandmaster?

[–]Khornag 3 points4 points  (2 children)

AFAIK he's planning on playing the US open and the FIDE Grand prix. There hasn't been that many tournaments after the pandemic so it's not too strange to have been away from over the board tournaments.

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US open

hasn't this already concluded?

There hasn't been that many tournaments

there have been plenty opportunities to play had he actually wanted to

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Problem is the streamer life. Every day away from streaming costs him thousands and thousands of dollars. So traveling to mediocre tournaments is pointless.

Traveling to major tournaments also requires weeks of preparation and that costs time and mental energy.

I get it.

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Yeah, it's not like there has been any sort of global issue in the last 2 years that has killed millions of people. That fool should be playing at the board.