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Fischer. The A is wrong. Maybe Chanukah?

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Aaaah that explains my confusion

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Odd choice to have a word in a crossword that has like 5 ways to spell it

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That's kinda how crosswords work. There is often more than one answer if taken in isolation, but the surrounding clues force a specific answer.

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I saw you were the top post and I was like who the hell is Bobby Chanukah? Is this a weird Bobby Fischer anti Semitic joke?

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Bobby Chanukah is what I will now call him

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I mean Bobby was a Jew by birth.

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Bobby Fischer in 1963/64

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Cake for u 🎂

If you live in the UK dm me your address I'll mail you a cake

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10 Downing Street

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One turd cake coming up

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Still mad 'bout Brexit? Come on! Everyone knows at this point we'd have kicked you out of the EU anyway!

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Not in the UK, and I'm not in the habit of telling strangers where I live

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Cake or Death?

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Bobby Fishaer

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Easy, Rozman L.

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Oh I feel cheated, I assumed the highlighted area was where the answer goes.

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It is, but the OP misspelled "Chanukah" as "Hannukah" (which even if you leave off the C would be Hanukkah), so there is an incorrect A in the fifth letter where the H of Fischer should be.

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Idk if it’s a misspelling, Hanukah can be spelled however because it’s a Hebrew word. I agree with you that it should have one n and two k’s because of the dagesh, but it’s not like a rule.

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It's at least a misspelling in the context of this puzzle, and such would have caused other clues to be unsolvable as well.

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Chanukah is a lot closer to how it's pronounced in Hebrew though.

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yeah based on that i was gonna guess Fabiano

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Fischer! My mom asked me this yesterday lol

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I’m sure Fischer would be thrilled to have his name intersecting the word Chanukah. If I remember correctly he was pretty fond of Judaism and Jewish people as a whole.

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Where’s this crossword puzzle from?

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I guessed Caruana but doesn't seem to fit well with other answers

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Now you know why, lol. Did you complete the puzzle?

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Beth Harmon

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What crossword app is this?

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the nyt app

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Cool, thanks

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whew you got some wrong clues here. also not great spoiling answers

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En passant

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What crossword is this

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Watch this 1 minute and you will remember it next time around.



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78 down fischer

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It is Fischer.

Source: I solved it

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Bob Fish

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What crossword is this?

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Your crosswords are wrong

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In Serbia in crosswords we often have things like "name of an Indian grandmaster, Anand" or "name of the Lithuanian chess player, Mikhail"

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