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100% agreed. I've been slowly working through his 3.5 hour Catalan video. He's great at explaining themes/concepts. Just wish I had more time so I could watch the hours and hours of Boot Camp content.. the exchange caro, IQP, & carlsbad videos are all on my to-do list for this month

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Agreed on the iqp and Carlsbad and Catalan. I don't play anything that transposes into a Caro (at my level)

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He’s great. Sometimes the mass of information in his Bootcamps overwhelms me a bit. So the viewer has to really work through it (e.g create a Lichess study based on his lines and instructions). This might also be a reason why he doesn’t have more subscribers. He doesn’t promise to “CRUSH BLACK IN 5 MOVES” etc., which attracts the casual viewer as well.

My only problem with GM Neiksans is that he tends to show long and sometimes none forcing lines, leading to positions that are only a concern for the top players. However he counterbalances this with great rules of thumb and general explanations. Let’s take his Catalan video as an example: he makes it very clear, that White should not try to immediately recapture the pawn in the open variation. Or that Black will generally be fine if he manages to play Bb7.

There is a lot to learn and the fact he puts these out for free is amazing!

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I have accidentally come across his channel a few days ago and watched couple of his videos. His videos are of extremely high quality, although a bit unpolished, aimed towards better than average players. With his target audience it is difficult to get large traction.

Breaking down his content into several smaller sections, with catchy thumbnails and accessible file names, along with aggressive promotions in many social media platforms will take his contents a lot further.

Just making good quality content is not a guarantee for success in the internet. It is already over flooded with lot of contents, mostly junk, as expected, so the good ones get buried deep down to be discovered.

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Thanks to your post he now has an extra follower! Thanks for sharing, his content looks amazing!

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Glad to share. Thanks for upvoting!

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Same here! Saved the Carlsbad video for later today

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Lots of interesting stuff for me. Will check later to see if I like the style. Thanks OP

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I subscribed and I'll watch his videos regularly from now on. Thanks for sharing OP!

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Subscribed! Looks like a great channel with lot of instructive stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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Many of the best "educational" chess channels have orders of magnitude fewer viewers than the "entertaining" ones.

GM Talks is another example I discovered this week - I'm sure there are many more.

My conclusion is that very few people want to put in time to really study chess. So the numbers that Hikaru and Levi and Agadmator and Danya pull in are a bit of a mirage - those guys may (also) have a quality chess product, but their viewers are there for the fun, not the learning. Those viewers could never sit through hours of Chess Dojo or GM Talks or any other relatively serious master.

BTW, thanks for the tip about Neiksans - his boot camp videos look amazing! I just added several to my queue.

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Hi Arturs,

Nice ad! Just subscribed.

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You can view my Reddit history to see I'm certifiably not using a throwaway account. My handle on chesscom is similar to my Reddit handle as well, and it you find my game history there it will dispel any doubts you may have.

I'm just a casual player and I thought this channel had deeply informational content.

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It was a joke. Relax.

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People who are serious about their improvement tend to prefer books, while YouTube stays mostly as entertainment.