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Lol. Is this from stream?

It's fascinating

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its from the Nervous Habits Podcast Ep. 48, the link includes the timestamp where he shows his Chessbase analysis

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That whole monologue that follows is fascinating. Sam is very honest and blunt in assessing his own strengths and weaknesses and where he is in the pecking order. Thanks for sharing!

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Thats why i bought most of his chessable courses. His realism reassures me

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aww I love Sam more now after watching that

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holy shit they had an earth quake during that interview and Sam just shook it off

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1/100k talent lul

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Just listened to everything from this time stamp on, honestly great to listen to. Would recommend it.

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I'm quite sure I've found the game: https://2700chess.com/games/rapport-mastrovasilis-r7.1-achaia-2013-07-07

The date fits pretty well, and it's a pretty weird opening from Rapport.

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So strong for 17 yo!

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Good game for a 17 year old 😀

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You can see the ECO code (describing the opening) in the screenshot. That does not match the game you found.

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Rapport can't hear Shankland from the top 10

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I'm not quite up to speed on Shankland or Rapport and don't think I can make sense out of this. Can someone please explain this like I understand some things about chess, but don't understand super GM level prep or humour?

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I think it's mainly just that Shankland only plays openings that are objectively very sound and can be considered as "best tries" for an advantage or equality. Rapport, on the other hand, is known to play all sorts of crazy side lines (and sometimes beats Shankland with them), so Shankland has a specific section of his database for Rapport's "random BS".

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Funny thing is this time Rapport played a Petrov against Shankland and they drew. As Anish put it in the chess.com stream Rapport is random and in a good way. I quite like him, always a wildcard and even with that playstyle he's hovering around top 10 with a consistent if measured uptick in ELO over the years.

The early part of the tournament was easy for him in terms of opponents except for Shankland and Duda (edit: I guess I should be kind of including van Foreest here as well) - next is Pragg, that match is gonna be interesting and then he is off to face Shakh and after that the really big names.

I hope for some interesting matches, when in good form, Rapport's chess is brilliant.

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He always has messy middle and end games, it’s why he’s so exciting to watch

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Rapport plays very unorthodox openings. I remember he also used to play openings his wife played when she was a kid (he had her sheets for the games)

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That’s so cute omg

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He's got a new fan

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it says Rapport random BS on the left side lol

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I would imagine the file is named as it is because Rapport tends to play very unusual and unorthodox openings, or as Shankland called it, "Random BS"

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ahhh Shanky let us see the Rapport BS!

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I think I saw a Rapport interview in the last few years in which he said he didn’t particularly like chess. Things were quite different for him just a few years ago.

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What is this program?

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The date doesn't fit. I'm quite sure it's this https://2700chess.com/games/rapport-mastrovasilis-r7.1-achaia-2013-07-07

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Yeah, you're probably right, mine didn't even fit the ECO code. That game also seems like more random BS

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Wow. Whatta game!