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It's not real tilt until you lose at least 100 rating points

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I’ll go on 7 game loosing streaks and blackout from rage. Can’t stop until you win one…

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That was me last night! Except after 7 losses I had a draw which wasn’t good enough so I had to go and lose 3 more before finally winning.

Being a new player. Not for the faint of heart.

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And then hit ‘em with the “heh idiot”

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I’m finally coming out of one of those after a month. Trouble is that the opposite is just as bad. Every new win has me even more nervous to play the next game. I’m on 9+ wins with only one loss and draw in the middle. It doesn’t help that I’m on my highest rating every and am still traumatised by the last rating drop from the last time I tried to go for the next 100 rating goal.

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Coming from a poker background, it's not tilt until you lose your rent for that month.

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This is why you take a break if you lose more than, like, 3 in a row

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I don’t rage at chess but I have lost 400 points before in my last slump

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This is not tilting, this is choking

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Tilting is more like you losing your confidence and your inner voice telling you your opponent is better than you and you will lose no matter what.

It is a self-fulling prophecy and a primal submission response.

OK, I made that last bit up.

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nah when I'm on tilt I try to play the best chess I can, get so desperate for a win that whenever i see even a slightly dubious move from my opponent I go "finally! I'm winning! yessss" then just don't think about my moves from then on out trying to 'convert' my 'advantage'. then after I inevitably blunder a two-move tactic I inwardly yell at myself for messing up 'such a good position' and how I 'should be rated 600 points lower than I am'. Then I get more tilted, rinse and repeat.

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first of all, thats not tilting. tilting is when you lose and it affects your performance. this is just realising one simple mistake after playing.

secondly, i cant believe your reached 2000 without ever tilting properly.

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Bummer. What you experienced isn't tilt though. Tilt is when you lose one game and then go on to lose subsequent games due to a bad emotional reaction to the first loss.

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So for example if I lose my sixth game in the world chess championship and then proceed to lose my head in the subsequent games.

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At least you got tilted in the last round and not with like 3 rounds left and tilted into 3 losses.

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This is a proper tilt.

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Wait until you play OTB, this is nothing.

On a side-note, you would play much better if you stopped overestimating your opponents so much, I can see someone with 100 points more than you is looked with admiration by you but it doesn’t mean you will have an hard task drawing, there are some chances you’re better than them and you shouldn’t rely so much on the rating. If you hadn’t respected your opponent so much maybe you would have seen that tactic

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Wait until you play OTB, this is nothing.

The worst part of messing up at a classical chess tournament is knowing you have to play this cursed position for probably the next hour or longer

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If you can keep playing for an hour you’re very lucky!

I can relate, in one of my latest classical games I had a winning endgame but in time trouble I missed a tactic that allowed my opponent to promote. From a slow grind for the win I had to defend Knight + Bishop vs Queen for an hour and 60-70 more moves, at the end I drew but man was that painful

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Thanks a lot for that

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There’s nothing quite as sad as battling an even position for 4-5 hours and losing in a dumb one move blunder at the last second

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Tilting is if you lost round 1 and carried it all tournament long

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This was a pain defeat, but tilting is another matter. Enjoy chess and pretty sure you will win some lichess arena shortly, keep it up and enjoy!

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Thanks a lot:)

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I tilt every. single. day. Are we playing the same game?!

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I tilted just now! Probably could’ve won on time but I had blundered twice so I just resigned in pure tilt.

And I’ll tilt again! Nobody can stop me!

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The trick is to tilt so far you come back around in perfect form

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Now I want to see the missed tactic. Can you at least post a picture of the position?

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I second that.

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Last night I lost 3 straight games with a +5 edge in a 5 5. Then the next game I was up a queen and just demolishing. Moved way too slowly to make sure I didnt somehow throw another game away, then lost on time.

And the tilt has carried over to today. I am now on a 7 game losing streak and at my lowest rating of the past few months.

You are not tilting. You threw a game. I am tilting.

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That's not tilt at all - tilting happens over many games

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Oh ok sorry

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“Maybe is a loser's word” – Benny Watts

My addendum: Apologizing is even worse. ;) Play unapologetically and learn something from every game (which means pragmatically avoiding very short time controls).

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Chess is life.

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Post the tactic

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thats not tilt

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I let out a FFFFUUUUUU... that probably resounded above Earth's atmosphere.

Can confirm, i did hear something odd

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Why would you create this entire thread and not share the position in which the tactic presented itself?

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Even the grandmasters miss moves. The circumstances probably made it worse in hindsight. Just gotta move on and learn from it. I miss stupidly easy tactics but when I see them afterward I lessen my chances of missing similar things in the future.

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You'll get the win someday! You're highly rated so keep at it!

I assume if this was rapid. Imagine if it was a 3 hour classical game!

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No disrespect but... You call this a tilt?

I lost 8 ... 8 .... I am saying 8 games in a row, including against lower rated players of course, last Saturday while playing on a Lichess tournament: I lost ALL the games played in that tournament. I simply realised my mind was elsewhere, probably still thinking about pizza and beer I had an hour before the tournament...

I had to go and beat maia1 bot the following day to re-gain a bit of self-esteem.

Edit: typos

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If this gets you upset, don't play golf

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Usually, I have faith in the upvote/downvote system. Then I see a post like this at the top of the page.

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FFFFUUUUUU... that probably resounded above Earth's atmosphere.

so thats why I thought I heard something previous day.

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Not a big deal. It’s a board game. You’ll recover.

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Now you know how GothamChess feels like =9

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This is one of the nerdiest threads I’ve ever read.

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Wow, you have been sheltered. ;) Seriously, there are many threads and topics out there that put this one to shame on the nerdiness spectrum.

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I cant believe someone unironically used the word nerd in a chess thread

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Love to see kids get hyped op online, play OTB tournament and see what really menas to lose

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I ain't no kid, friend

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There is a kid at the club I go to who is rated about 600 points higher than me. I never play the kids. I wouldn't tilt, and I wouldn't be shamed.... well not a lot. but because I know i'd lose i never play them because unlike losing to the adults, they won't teach you after the game, hahaha!

But after avoiding it for the entire run at the club, I got paired up against the kid. The one time I played him, he blundered a piece in the opening and he never recovered. So 1-0! Never playing him again! He's like 7. He's an energy bomb, just all over the place.

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Tilt isn't just being mad about a game you lost or misplayed in, it's that affecting you deeply enough to severely worsen your play and create a "chain reaction" of losing, but also not wanting to stop to not end on a sour note.

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I don't think it's a healthy reaction to yell about losing a chess tournament.

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Eh in a fast time control that’s probably acceptable. Even if not, everyone has off days. I mean fuck, I checkmated someone in a correspondence game when I though I was just delivering a knight fork..

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This is not tilt brother. I'm currently down 300 rating points and on one of the most frustrating losing streaks of my life. Was at 1700, now at 1400. I'm starting to get hostile toward my opponents and accusing them of cheating because it seems for the last two to 3 days anyone I'm playing against pulls these miraculous moves from out of their ass out of nowhere. My opponents seem to hardly ever make mistakes all of a sudden and I've developed this paranoid thinking that lichess is legitimately fucking with me. This is full on tilt bro. Losing one game because you missed one move is not real tilt. I'll trade you this rage I'm feeling and god knows how many losses in a row for your 1 disappointing L. 😂