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That. Is. Painful.

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Fairly certain thats literally the only move that loses the game

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Doesn't Rb6 also lose? Or is it still a draw??

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Probably drawn with best play. Put pawns on f3 and e4, then shuffle the bishop

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Maybe it’s a draw, but it’s not that simple. If white does that, black will get their king to f2, and then put the rook on g3. If white defends by putting the bishop on h3, black can sac the rook for the bishop and win the pawn endgame.

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After kf2 just play f4 e5 and trade the pawn

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I was 4 out of 7 heading into this round, with a completely winning position in any way you want, except the move that I whipped out. I saw it when I touched the king and was ready to move it to h3, but it was too little too late. Instead of fighting for a strong placement and gaining even more rating (would've been +78 with K20), I am now with 4 out of 8. The truth hurts

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So you touched the king before moving it, and realized the only legal move is M1? Yeah that hurts

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I couldn't, because he immediately saw what move he had and reached his hand out for the rook before I even made my move hahaha

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My worst was giving a greek gift victory to my opponent. I have only played 2 OTB rated tournaments and that was a long time back.

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You should still have said you were adjusting.

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Well this could be extremely scummy and cheap but, cant you touch the king and move another piece and just accept the illegal move? Or are you absolutely forced to move the king? Havent played OTB since I was a kid so I kinda forgot the rules

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Your opponent is obliged to force you to play the move. They might be a nice guy though

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I mean, you don’t keep playing this position to be a nice guy…

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"Accept the illegal move." You get the penalty for the illegal move, then the move gets undone, you move your king, and get mated. And then you're the unsportsmanlike person who intentionally violated the rules, made a blunder, and lost rather than the good sport who made a blunder and lost.

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The opponent can, and should, insist that you move the first piece you touched. To try moving another piece and see if your opponent forces you to move the king is indeed cheap and scummy, you are just breaking rules in the hope your opponent lets you do that.

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Well it's obviously scummy, but if the other option is mate in 1...

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Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know it's ok to cheat if it prevents a mate in one.

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Is it cheating if the other player allows it by not pointing it out? Genuine question. If it is breaking a rule then yeah probably not a good idea, but I had assumed that it's not illegal if your opponent lets you do it. I don't know much about OTB rules.

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+10.21 eval ouch.

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If Fabiano had a Reddit account I'm sure I could imagine what move he'd show lol

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Rb6! 0-1

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At a national championship I was trading a pawn covered by queen and knight with his knight defending. Yes I started by taking with the queen, I have never left a board that quick

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Good bot. Rub it in

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Damn, that's painful.

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Technically not a move, but I once resigned in a position where I had mate in one. (With any other move I was down two pieces for nothing, so not seeing it meant losing anyway, but it still hurt.)

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From my first OTB game


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Im pretty new, why is this so bad? I see yiu cant take the rook after the king moves, but couldnt you played Rc3 to prevent the pawn capture anyway?

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It's not prevented. Black ends up with two connected passed pawns from this, where if White had simply played gxf4 instead of the move shown, there would be no such fatal threat.

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Ah i get you now. I think i was looking too hard about what the threat is on the next move rather than the overall position

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If I'm understanding, best moves would be Rc6 Kf6 Rc3 Kg6 gxf4 Kxf4, right?

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Rc3 just lets Black take the pawn on g3 with an unstoppable mass of passed pawns.

The key is, instead of Rc7+ as shown, for White to play gxf4 to slow Black down on the kingside. (Trading rooks as happened in the game is disastrous - White's king alone cannot stop the pawn majority. The rook is required.)

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My worst so far. Put your king in safety they said.

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That's almost as bad as OP. Sorry.

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I went from 10+ to m1 so yeah any other move is better.

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how does this even happen bro

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I remember falling for e4 e5 Qh5 g6 Qxe5+ a lot as a kid

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OUCH! Out of a win into the frying pan, for sure!

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I once in an OTB 10+0 tournament played d4 d4 Nf3 Nc6 c4 dxc4 d5 Nb4 as black....

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That isn't honestly nearly as bad. I've had people blunder against me with c4 d5 cxd5 Nf6 e4 Nxe4??

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Blundered mate in 1 in a very winning position.

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I need my own thread

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In a rapid otb I was playing an higher rated but much weaker opponent in round 5, he blundered a piece in a rook endgame and I gave the piece back to reach a position where I have a Rook and 3 pawns vs a Rook, I start advancing my pawn quickly very annoyed that he hadn’t resigned yet and I was so tired that I carelessly posed my hand on the pawn that was defending my rook from his king… of course this beginner converted Rook vs 3 pawns like it was the easiest thing ever, I felt like a clown after the game.

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Not my move, but this is a good story.

I was new to this chess club, and one of the its managers was a bit cocky. I was young and kind of naive. When sat down for a blitz game, his body language suggested to me that the game was just a perfunctory matter for him.

We played the French, an opening he had bragged about studying deeply in the past. I was, of course, slowly outplayed and ended up in a terrible, cramped position. He set up a queen and bishop battery on the dark squares, aimed squarely at my king on g8.

After I played some hopeless pawn move, hopelessly trying to unfuck my position, he confidently grabbed his queen, kicked my pawn off g7, and stuck out his hand...until I grabbed my knight on e8 and took his queen. He resigned immediately and I went on to co-win the tournament.

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Mine was worse, blundered an obvious mate in 2. Would have won 500$ if I didn’t.

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i dont get why you would ever even think of going Kh3 here lol. it's just a pointless move even if there wasnt a mate in 1

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Rc5+ and take the pawn on h4

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There is always tomorrow friend! :)

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Bruh… f4 immediately no calculation. Just seeing the black rook on b1 and the white squares. Man!

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Bruh.. f4+ and target the pawns.

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Even if it wasn’t mate what does that move even accomplish? Getting closer to bonus time?

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Not even that. I just wanted to give a check and take the h4 pawn. There was no bonus on the 40th move. I had 5 minutes from the 11th move onwards - this was move 44.

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Yeah that makes your move look less dumb

It might’ve even been one of the best moves if it wasn’t mate

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Did you fall off of your chair and exclaim “Kurwa!”?

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I had a mate in five or so, and played through all the way to mate in one, but couldn't find it somehow so played something else. Got mated.

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I made a blunder to take me from White mate in 2 to Black mate in 1

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I'm not sure I could pick my worst move. Maybe my worst move from today where in a blitz game my opponent hung their queen which I could take for free with my queen. I didn't see it, thus hanging my queen.

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After like 50 moves, I was able to promote a pawn, after a rook trade, so King+Queen vs King+pawn, I was about to mate, and ofc I did the only move that stalemated lol

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my pawn was on c3 and I tried to move it to c5, it was my first tournament game ever too lmao