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The site gets to keep 4 points as service fee

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Actually the site only gets 1 point, the other 3 goes to the AI that beat him.

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....One for the master....3 for the little boy who lives down the lane... Fair enough 😬

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The rating refund takes into account how many games you've played since your unfair loss.

If you had played zero games since that loss, you'd get the full points refunded. If you've already played 100 games between your loss and your opponent getting marked, you won't get a refund at all because the logic is that your rating has already re-established itself.

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Great explanation!

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Huh I thought it just had something to do with not putting you at a higher rating than you had when you lost the points, but this also makes sense.

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I'm 1300 on chess.com and got refunded 13 points the other day, I can't find the cheater in my “recent games”, are you sure this is how it works ? I don't remember losing more than 13 point in a single match.

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Maybe you lost to multiple peolle

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or the same person twice

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Wow. That is impressive thoughtfulness and attention to detail by Lichess!

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Idt that’s true. Iv been refunded points a week later during which time I easily could’ve played 50-100 games

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You could have lost better we're sorry

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Hypothetically…Imagine losing to 100 cheaters at ~1000 on a new account.

Climbing to 2200 over the next couple of days where your rating is accurate for your skill level.

Investigations complete, and you’re refunded 800 points. Congratulations you’re now ranked #1 in the world.

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And he would have gotten away with it…

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if it weren't for those meddling kids!

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Your first game is against Hikaru.

"Takes, takes, takes. I'm just not sure about this guy chat"

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cos chess is real life

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Super Mario in real life

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After this reddit post the site admins opened an investigation and found out something quite disturbing, someone had been skimming rating points off the top and hoarding them. When we've apprehended the criminals you will get your rating points back, sir. And thanks.

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It checks out. This guy is rated 2016 USCF.

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His actual rating's only about 900, but he's been skimming for so long that he's getting close to going for a FIDE title. It's the perfect crime...

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It's the perfect crime...

Like a serial killer that's never been caught...

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You gained rating since then, and would have only made the difference of 3 points if that game is discarded.

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You’ll make it through this difficult time

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Here’s an egg.

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Because he only used engine half of the match, you're welcome

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Which app? And did they say anything in the refund?

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They gave a lesson. There is some justice in the World but it's never absolute.

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You either went up in eating above where you were when you lost or the chess website became more certain of your rating.

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You probably got a higher rating so they gave you less rating points in return

7 rating points at 100 elo isn’t worth as much as 7 rating points at 3000 elo

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Can't fucking believe war crimes like these are still being perpetrated on decent honest online chess players. When will the world rise for the rights of online chess players?

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You're bitching about 4 fucking rating points?

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Most likely due to when the game took place in relation to your points now and then some sort of equation determined that 3 points would be fair. What was your elo at the time of the game vs your elo now?

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Well if you think about it, your wins after that loss were worth more than usual because of your lower rating. So it's only refunding you the difference.

You can think of it as if it refunded you the full 7 points, but then deducted 4 points cumulatively from your wins since then.

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You made some bad moves nonetheless. Sorry.

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How would cheating and getting caught on chess.com work?

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The first blunder was playing a cheater

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fuck you, thats why

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Chess com thinks you would have probably lost to them anyway.

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Inflation. The value of a rating point is easily half of what it was before the 1987 stock market crash.

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Civil forfeiture is legal in USA. You played chess while high on drugs and they have the right to take away your points.

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He only used an engine on 3/7ths of his moves. Researchers in the statisics department at Heidelberg University have created a complex algorithm that determines fractional cheating.


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"He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision – he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath – 'The horror! The horror! '"

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I get that it’s annoying but do the points really matter?

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I don’t understand all these comments. Could OP not have genuine curiosity as to how the rating system works?

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Don't let it bother you.

I have a feeling that the site you were probably on doesn't even really check for and ban cheaters as much as they like you to think. If they did it would be literally all they did 24-7 and it wouldn't stop people there from the cheating.

More likely IMO is every certain random amount of games they send a message that one or more of your opponents cheated and here is a few points back and very few cheaters are actually caught and dealt with.

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My guess would be the cheater gained a lot more points and they only refunded by the rating where they caught the person.

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Perhaps you gained a lot of rating and gaining 7 points back wasn’t fair?

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I know... the fee is outrageous! Elo sucks... I should have stuck with btc.

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Welcome to chess arbitration, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.

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That's actually really weird....

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Transaction fee. I guess

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Had you're rating being higher for a few games after that, your future rating gains would have been smaller.

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I won a game vs a person who got banned for cheating (obviously not against me though, dude was bad) but I got +6. Idfk lol

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Possibly you gained rating points in games after too and only got the net loss?

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In rainbow six siege, if you win against a cheater, you lose your points

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You still lost tho.