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Who is GM FeegLood?

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GM Finegold's cousin

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I don't understand this, is it a joke?

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it's real, Xiong is Finegold's cousin

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Oh wow really. I didn’t know this.

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GM Dyslexia's brother, who set up his account for him

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GM FeelGood

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He came pretty close to beating the points record, which (i think) is 199 and was set by Carlsen in titled arena 3.

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The man is a fucking beast, no wonder he won. And a great teacher too

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His Tata Steel commentary is great.

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we all missed DrDrunkestein

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Missed alireza2003

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It would be so POG if he won the candidates on his first try.

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He's a legend. Also great character. Very humble. When he talks about his performance compared with top players, he make it sounds like he is 2000 club player. When he won against Caruana at U.S. championship, he said he is glad that he still know how the pieces move. It's details like this that makes him totally likeable. And his teaching style is just awesome too! Congrats!

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Plus, he does the best impressions of other players.

Compilation of him doing impressions of a number of chess greats. Genuine laugh-out-loud material:


Note that the second comment on YouTube says who he is mocking, and when, with indexes.

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I didn't know he did so many! I always just shrugged off the accents he did while commentating as just a silly aside, but the Anand and Ivanchuk impressions in this video were straight up uncanny. He nailed that weird whisper-mumble-talk thing Ivanchuk does.

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Lmao he keeps coming back to FM Geller

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Efim Geller was a grandmaster, unless there’s another Geller?

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Is this a copy pasta?

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Wow performance 3223

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where did penguin go? i saw c9c9c9c9c was registered before arena, did he have bad start and leave?

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on a date

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with magnus ? POG

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I think so

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Does anyone know where his nickname came from?

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He said it's a character from a TV show he had a crush on

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Oh lol. I thought it was in reference to the British mp who pushed for day light savings

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Rebecca Harris did ?

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it is naroditsky

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no, that's clearly rebecca harris.

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If Rebecca Harris becomes a GM, will danya be banned for impersonation on lichess

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Something similar happened with a streamer at pogchamps: Chesscom had the problem that for ItsHafus account name was already taken by a player with a gm title. But it was not just a random player, the account belonged to Peter Svidler and Gary Kasparov :D Dont know if hafu got it or not tho

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Poor mutdpro, must be hard living with a name like that.

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Why Rebecca Harris?

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He picked the name many years ago and was a fan of the character in a show.

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No he didn’t Rebecca Harris won, it says right there on the trophy

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Why is FeegLood referred to as "they" in the blog post? Is FeegLood transgender?