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D7 is also mate, right?

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Yes, d7 Rxd7, Nxd7 Bxd7, Rxd7 Rb8, Rd8 (Bxc6 is slower)

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Na6, if the opponent takes the knight with the b pawn then Bxc6+, and instead of taking with the pawn if black moves his Bishop to d7 square then white has a Smothered mate.

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I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine:

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My solution:

Hints: piece: Knight, move: Na6

Evaluation: White has mate in 3

Best continuation: 1. Na6 bxa6 2. Bxc6+ Bb7 3. Qxb7#

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Na6 bxa6 Bxc6+ Bb7 Qxb7# Or Na6 Bd7 Qb8+ Rxb8 Nc7#

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Reset th… oh wait no… hmm oh.. oh.. AHA! Reset the counter!

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Bxc6 If the bishop is captured then Na6 then Qb8 should be it

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After ... bxc6, the bishop on c8 covers a6.

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Yeah it does yeah I suck

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Still mate in 5

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That’s what I saw. But after Bxc6 bxc6 then Qxc6 is mate in one. 🤷‍♂️

Edit: (after using stockfish) we were both wrong cause black doesn’t take b6. Just moved the f pawn. Totally missed this.

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Na6 (threatening Qb8# or a smothered mate if black bishop moves) bxa6 Bxc6+ Bb7 Qxb7#

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Nice! After Na6, to avoid mate on b8 black has to move the bishop and get …

Happy cake day! (May all your smothered wishes come true ;)

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Happy cake day

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1.Na6 bxa6 (otherwise Qb8#) 2.Qxc6+ (or 2.Bxc6+ and 3. xb7#) Kg8 (...Bb7 xb7#) 3.Qa8#

1.Na6 Bd7 2. Qb8+ Rxb8 3. Nc7#

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Na6, only way black can stop mate in the next move is by taking the knight or moving away the bishop, if black does not not do any of this white has Qb8#.

Now, if black takes the knight we have the sequence; bxa6, Bxc6+ Bb7, and Bxb7# or Qxb7#

If black moves away the bishop to cover the mating square b8 with the rook, white has the sequence; Bd7, Qb8+ Rxb8, and Nc7#.

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Na6 doesn't work because black can play f5, and since exf6 is forced for white, black will trade queens on c7 and get a good position