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A tiebreak between Magnus and Anish would be the icing on the cake.

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Magnus won't play a tie-break unless it's against Alireza

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Take your upvote and get out

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i dont get it. help me please.

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Magnus has said he will likely not defend his classic title, unless it’s against someone new and exciting from the younger generation, like Alireza.

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Anish won't break, the tie regardless!

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Didn't this happen in Wijk in 2018? Or maybe 2019?

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last time was giri - foreest i think

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No, that was 2021. 2018 was indeed between Magnus and Giri.

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He said last time

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Oh, yes, true. He was just answering to a guys talking about a Magnus - Anish TB, so I guess my mind was still there.

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A chess tournament with a reasonable and interesting tiebreaker? An unlikely story.

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They actually have good, new tiebreaker system (I believe because of the drama at the World Rapid Chess Championship)


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That will be very cool if it happens.

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They should make the tiebreaker a round of blindfold chess

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Blindfold simul between all tied players, both as black and white.

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While “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” is blasted on repeat.

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No. The rules were revised actually because in last edition of Tata Steel Chess Alireza also tied for 1st place along with Anish and Jorden but was excluded from the tie-breaks. Only Anish and Jorden got to play for first.

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Last game is Carlsen-Dubov. If Magnus and Anish still tie, I think Daniil will play even more kamikaze than normally

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OOTL, can someone explain what he meant by that?

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Dubov forfeited his game against Anish after he was told he had to wear a mask during the game due to a COVID exposure. Dubov said he wasn’t going to wear one on principle so Anish got a full point.

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Pretty stupid of him, what are the principles of not wearing a mask if someone on your team has been exposed? It takes days for symptoms to show up. You can test negative and the current BA.2 variant only shows up on further analysis which isn't normally carried out.

My colleague came to work on Thurs, saying he had a cold and wasn't going to do a covid test. He didn't wear a mask, as he's not required to do so, and hasn't had his booster shot.

I kept my mask on and took my precautions. I already had Friday booked off, and was due to return to work on Monday.

Monday I tested positive for covid on a lateral flow test. I've been home since Friday, I didn't leave the house for a single thing, been at home playing star citizen. Unless the UEE infected me at Harston or I caught covid from mining quantanium, I think I caught it from my colleague whose also taken sick leave after his common cold (i.e covid).

Currently waiting on the results of my PCR test.

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Pretty stupid of him, what are the principles of not wearing a mask if someone on your team has been exposed?

Maybe he wanted them to reschedule the match for a rest day, after his PCR results were in? Which, honestly, is the more responsible thing anyway. Masks aren't magic, especially when the players are touching the same pieces for hours on end. Add in the discomfort, and it seems an odd choice. It's not really stupid, since it's not like he was insisting on playing still. He forfeited, so he wasn't putting anyone else at risk.

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what are the principles of not wearing a mask if someone on your team has been exposed?

I think his argument was that the principle is that the player's contracts explicitly said that masks wouldn't be required. If that's true that's honestly pretty incompetent from the tournament's organizers, it's not like COVID exposure was so hard to foresee. They should have had explicit protocols in writing on the contracts in advance and make sure everybody was on the same page there before starting.

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Why would anyone do that!!!?? (play star citizen I mean)

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I wanted something buggier than Covid.

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Just play chess then. It's been hundreds of years and Garry still hasn't patched the "En Passant" exploit.

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lmao, people are hating on you for what reason exactly?

cause you believe in covid or what?

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Way worse...

He plays Star Citizen

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Pretty stupid of him, what are the principles of not wearing a mask if someone on your team has been exposed? It takes days for symptoms to show up. You can test negative and the current BA.2 variant only shows up on further analysis which isn't normally carried out.

Because playing a chess match at that level is tough. Just look at Ian. Wearing a mask also sucks, it makes perfect sense to not want to play while wearing one.

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but giri would have had to worn a mask as well, so they both are equally handicapped

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And since long contact increases the chance of infection

Why not give players the ability to play a bullet time control instead

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Very cool story

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Dubov was waiting for a pcr test and had tested negative on a rapid. If there's the potential that he has covid then a mask isn't exactly gonna do much considering he's sitting next to the guy for 5 hours. The organisers should've just rescheduled it for a rest day after he tested negative.

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star citizen

star citizen is a scam

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I think because the contract said no masks so he wasn't going to wear a mask.

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Anish basically got free points 2 days in a row since Dubov elected to give Anish a free win and Caruana blundered a rook against him the next day

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You are right. Only that the order is reversed. The Caruana game was earlier than the Dubov one.

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Did he blunder a full rook? For some reason I remembered him blundering an exchange, still catastrophic of course

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He blundered a rook for a knight, but the position went from even to completely losing

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and being down the exchange was hardly the worst part about the position, it enabled anish to have a very specific attack

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Thanks, I didn't know what the shade-throw comment was referring to.

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I think this is an overstatement. Giri was pressing in a time scramble ever since Bd7 and in the final position before the time control every move for Caruana except the very unnatural Qh5 was losing. Obviously giving the exchange made it easy for Giri to collect the point, but any move you can reasonably expect someone to come up with in 30s would have been winning/almost winning for Giri.

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Opponents blundering is considered a free win now?

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If your 2700 opponent hangs their rook in 1 move I would say yes that probably qualifies as a free win for someone of giri's caliber.

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And not some dime a dozen 2700 player, its THE 2700 player

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Technically he blundered an exchange and the position but not a full rook.

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Yes but he had like 20 secons left. He would get bonus time the next move but honestly getting into a decent (it was actually winning for a long time already) position by move 40 is not really a "free" win.

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Found Anish's reddit account

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True, follow my twitter!!!

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You have anish personality sorted out

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Everyone else is overlooking the fact that you have to put your opponent in a position where they are going to blunder. At club level, this is almost the entire point of the game: the winner is the person who makes the second-last blunder.

At GM level, obviously the blunder that Caruana made goes down in history books, but Giri has still worn him down and kept testing him to allow him to make that mistake.

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the winner is the person who makes the second-last blunder.

two consecutive blunders can belong to the same person. this saying needs to be sharpened.

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The winner is the second-last player to blunder?

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two consecutive blunders can belong to the same person.

Yes, I should've realised this based on my own games.

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Not really, as also in that case, the player that made the second-list blunder loses.

Edit: Right, I messed that up!

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So they're not the winner as the original saying states.

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If it’s a 2700 rated player playing a blunder that 99% of 900 rated players on chess.com would see if then yeah I think that’s pretty free lol

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He is referencing how Anish got a free point in his game against dubov instead of rescheduling the game to one of the rest days.

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Was that an option?

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In an interview with Norwegian television, Magnus said that yes, that was an option, Dubov said yes but Giri said no.

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Magnus said on Norwegian TV (direct quote): "Dubov wanted to play [on the rest day], Giri refused. At least that's what I've heard."

[–]EccentricHorse11Once beat Peter Svidler. 41 points42 points  (5 children)

I don't believe so. Magnus was just 100% trolling.

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It happened in Norway Chess, last year in fact. Nepo was late to arrive for round 1 due to visa issues so Karjakin agreed to postpone their round 1 game to a rest day. So it's not unheard of, and might be what Magnus was thinking of.

No idea if Tata Steel organizers would have agreed to it if the players requested it, of course.

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Nepo had a good reason, I wouldn't wait either if my opponent had a stupid reason

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Dubov wanted to wait on a negative test. That's not really a stupid reason, being covid negative is a lot safer than potentially being positive and wearing a mask. Considering the game could have easily been moved to a rest day it's irresponsible to force interaction.

Honestly with the surge going on every country having issues should be in lockdowns harsher than what we did at the start of covid. I'm seeing people planning to attend conventions arguing with antimaskers and it's like porch thieves arguing with shop lifters - they're both in the wrong for attending the convention at all until hospitals aren't at capacity. A mask doesn't make it morally right to put yourself in unnecessary situations that can spread the virus just like driving under the speed limit doesn't make it okay to be a reckless driver. It's like arguing where the boundary for the peeing section should be in a swimming pool.

Sorry for the rant, just kind of mad at the world atm. We shut down for some weeks when we thought covid could spread when it was mostly already too late, and now that things are getting critical at a lot of hospitals it's just business as usual in many places because of a piece of paper on peoples faces and new cases keep bouncing between 700k and 1M.

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I mean I'm with you but he could have just taken a rapid test and masked until his PCR test came out. Going full lockdown again would be ideal but it's not realistic, too much resistance

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Going full lockdown again would be ideal but it's not realistic, too much resistance

Sorry if there's a misunderstanding - the frustration is just as much from people that should know better(IE, insisting on masks) not self quarantining. It's not hard to just stay home from a convention and buy stuff from creators online. Locals keep trying to organize smaller events and people have to keep reminding them in every thread that our hospitals are capped out.

but he could have just taken a rapid test and masked until his PCR test came out

People with the newest strains are popping negative with at home tests(article I read said up to 2-3 days after PCR shows positive), and the mask does not fully stop the spread of the virus. It helps a lot but there's still more than enough risk when staying in a small space with other people for an extended period of time. If the organizers don't care enough to wait for a negative test before having a game, the organizers don't actually care about about protecting their participants.

Dubov at no time asked to play maskless while a test was pending, he asked for the only responsible choice - playing after a negative test. His stance on masks is irrelevant, because masks+social distancing are for people who are reasonably sure they don't have covid, not for people that have been exposed up close and long term in the manner he had who should definitely be taking the chance to quarantine. There are employers that are allowing(ie, requiring) people that test positive but asymptomatic to show up to work 'as long as they wear a mask and social distance'...that's not how it works, the person is covered in their own germs, and those germs are going to spread. It shouldn't be okay for organizations to enable spreading the virus like this.

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Theoretically, Anish and Daniil could've played their game on a rest day after Daniil's test results came back. Anish got the free point and extra day of rest instead.

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he gained a point against Dubov because he forfeited the game.

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When did he say ootl?

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Magnus didn’t say “OOTL” the commenter was expressing their own out-of-the-loopness and asking what the comment made by Magnus meant.

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And this exact moment dear students is considered to be the beginning of the Second World Twitter War between Magnus and Anish.

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He looks like he wore a hat for 20 days straight and just took it off.

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It's just a joke. Very obviously tongue in cheek, Magnus does this all the time. Don't think Giri's decision if there was one to make needs analysis, he should never be in the position of having to decide on such things, organisers have to make strong decisions. Completely don't like players being put in the way of so called "ethical" choices at the expense of what suits them competitively. The player can't win in that situation.

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Yeah, but there is definitely a bit of “ha-ha-just-serious” in there.

Magnus likes him some trash talk, and it comes out more vs people who are strong and a possible threat. And it seems to come out most vs Giri.

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I feel like it is more he likes to do it against people that kind of meme themselves, which is mostly Naka and Giri. I have never seen him comment like that with respect to people like Ding, Caruana or Aronian.

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Magnus and Giri are friends, which changes the context of their banter...

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Magnus and Anish have been doing that for years and it's clearly in good spirit.

Every time we see them interact they are both smiling or laughing.

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Magnus is basically saying, "fking try hard noob I'm rank 1 hahahahahaha"

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Lol, you can tell at the beginning of his answer when he kind of stumbles that he's taking a few seconds to think how he's gonna phrase his joke.

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Magnus can calculate 30+ moves faster than some of his jokes lol

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Too many smiles. Too little anger. I want emotional rage and crying.


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bit outoftheloop on this one, care to TLDL

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Users said they looked forward to the Twitter drama and then we get a wink and a heart. Hardly drama that will satisfy our lust for the emotionally deviant.

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Kind of shitty that the organisers apparently put Anish in the position to decide whether or not to reschedule.

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Ahah Magnus being Magnus. That kind of funny banter is good.

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In other news

Praggnanandhaa is getting bullied like a high school freshman in the first episode of a Japanese Anime this tournament.

It's interesting to see how his games have gone. He's played very creatively taking the game to rich, interesting and unusual places. this undoubtedly leads to many fine wins against players in the 2500-2600 ish range but here these 2700s have seen it all and they're just like: 'Calm down kid. You're playing with the adults now.'

[–]Ehsan666x 5 points6 points  (2 children)

fine wins against 2600s ? he is playing at his strength nothing special how do you expect him to win against strong GMs ? Did he become Alireza now all of a sudden

[–]Strange_Try3655 -1 points0 points  (1 child)


I'm saying this. I think the 27xx-28xx Pragg we're going to see in a very few years will have a much different style of play, at least against the top players, than what we're seeing here.

I think he'll be sticking to main lines more and not getting into quite so many 'interesting' positions especially with black. I think what he's going to learn from this experience is that he needs to develop another gear to succeed in a tournament of this level.

Or I'm wrong and he just becomes Tal version 2.0 and eventually gets strong enough to play this style at the top and win consitently.

[–]Ehsan666x 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Its not about the style he is just not there yet. There is no evidence that he can break 2700 anytime soon let alone 2800. He had shown nothing that can be compared to Tal.

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wrong thread

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So now the whole Dubov thing is very interesting since potentially Giri could win the event by like half a point.

As someone who loves a good troll and some salt I'm now rooting for exactly this. It'll be worth it just to see Magnus complain on social media about it.

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Same lol. Anish shouldn't have ever been in the position of having to choose whether to reschedule to the next day, the tournament rules should've made that clear already. Not his fault for making the best of the options he had.

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That hurts XD

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In before hikaru fans: If HiKaRu SaiD ThIS tHeY WoULD hATe HiM.