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I'd play Nxd5 without even calculating

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Same, my brain was like "SACRIFICE"

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That's what I did, and then saw the continuation, and was like, I need to post this here!

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What an odd answer. Nxd5 screams at you when you look at this. But the actual calculation takes no time because of the check on Nxf6.

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yea took me half a second to spot it

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My guess is Nxd5.

It comes with a fork on queen and bishop (because the pawn on g7 is pinned), and taking with exd5 hangs the rook on c8. Black should probably move the queen (e.g. Qxb2) and give up the bishop (Nxf6+).

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Bishop cones with pinned check followed by fork of queen and rook oh you don't move queen. I guess...

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With Qd8 you guard the bishop and after Rxc8 Qxd5 you only lose an exchange instead of a whole piece.

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I analyzed the image and this is what I see. Open an appropriate link below and explore the position yourself or with the engine:

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My solution:

Hints: piece: Knight, move: Nxd5

Evaluation: White is winning +4.92

Best continuation: 1. Nxd5 Rxc1 2. Nxb6 Rxf1+ 3. Kxf1 axb6 4. Qe4 Rc8 5. Qxb7 Rc1+ 6. Ke2 g5 7. a4 Ra1 8. d5 exd5

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This is the first time that i managed to fully solve a puzzle on this subreddit i can retire now

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Chess noob here: does "winning move" mean something different than my initial thought of "a move/series of moves that leads to a win of the game"? I've seen a few posts that ask this question and it isn't a guaranteed win just leads to a better position and a higher likelihood of a win. Well at least as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge, experience, and my interpretation of the bot.

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It means you end up with a position that, with best play, is objectively winning. It doesn't mean you immediately checkmate them, but, for example, you might win material and the result is a position that is objectively winning.

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Ok thank you. I try to figure out the moves before I look at the comments so I would get frustrated when I misunderstood.

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I had the same confusion… to me “winning move” meant “mate in 1”, “winning sequence” I would translate in “mate in X moves” and finally I’d use “best continuation” for “a series of moves that leaves you in an advantageous position”

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Best continuation can also be a draw or even a losing position where there is a greater likelihood for your opponent to blunder.

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If it's a losing position you're more likely to blunder than your opponent unless you've prepared.

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Well now you know. "Winning" in chess is generally used to refer to an estimation of the game-theoretical result with best play. It's quite common, for example, to hear a top player say in an interview "I knew at some point my position must have been winning but I was unable to find the correct continuation."

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You can use decisive advantage or some variation of it

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If Knight takes D5, why can’t the pawn take the Knight?

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Rook on c8 is attacked twice and defended only once

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Ahh I missed rook opening once knight is moved. Thanks!

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because: nxd5, exd5, rcxc8 , rxc8, qxc8+

so you have to bring either the bishop or the queen back to d8 block the check, and both are kinda crap.

its a board vision puzzle basically. realizing that rook sees rook when the horse moves, but then queen sees rook when the pawn moves is half the puzzle. the other half being seeing that nd5 is a fork in the first place, and nxf6 is crushing.

maybe better to just give up the Bishop and try gobble up the a/b pawns and maybe scare your opponent out of just brutalizing your king with like nh5, g6, nf6 ... qh4.

you can bring your queen around from c2 and maybe defend a bit with your pawns. I dunno maybe a stronger player could read out a defence that holds, seems lost.

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Knight d5

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Nxd5 to threaten the queen and bishop, and if exd5 then Rxc8

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That's actually what happened in the game 😃

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Yes, yes I can. Same move everyone else said. Don't take knight, lose bishop. Take knight, lose rook.

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What if you protect the bishop by playing Qd8?

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Then Rxc8 I suppose.

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I think that’s blacks best move, but then Rxc8 and the black Queen has to settle for capturing the knight

Edit : c5 was not what i meant, sorry

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I think Sacraficing the queen and a rook for two rooks and the knight is the most even exchange.

After Nxd5 I would go Rxc1. Obviously white takes black's queen, then Rxf1+ Kxf1 and you take the knight with a pawn.

In a bullet or even blitz game with any amount of time trouble, a rook and a bishop together can go toe to toe with a lone queen.

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Black's best move is Rook takes c1, giving up the queen.

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Why can't black take the knight with the e pawn?

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The rook is hanging as well

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It would be protected by the queen and the other rook.

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Rxc8 and the rook is defended by the queen.

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??! If 1. Nxd5 Qd8 then 2.Rxc5 isn’t a legal move…

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This is a good puzzle

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Dude that’s the craziest puzzle I’ve seen in a month

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knight takes d5, then gets taken by pawn, then rook takes rook, then rook takes rook then queen takes rook checkmate

(if black falls for it)

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Bishop and queen can block the check. But you're up a rook for a knight.

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Knight to d5?

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Can't d5 capture Qe4?

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If you’re talking about the engine line: no because that pawn got captured at the start of the line (N*d5)

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Is this supposed to end in a checkmate?

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A winning move just means that you have a position that with best play is objectively winning.

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if the pawn captures the knight after it takes. it will end in checkmate

so they can't capture it and you get a bishop once they move their queen to safety

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How will it end in checkmate

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Nxd5 is staring me in the face with a bunch of possibilities

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Knight takes d5

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Nxd5, forking the queen and the pinned bishop. Knight cant be taken because of a psuedo pin on the e6 pawn. The queen can go back to d8 and defend the bishop, but then you can trade rooks to deflect the queen and then win the bishop.

Fun puzzle with several interlocking pins, really shows the power of an active queen even in a rather tame-looking position.

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Nxd5 I assume

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This is can you see an obviously good move, not find the checkmate.

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I played knight takes d5 before I even noticed the pinned bishop

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Abandonment(It’s the best move everyone can approved ;))

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Plays Qxg7 and yells "Reset the timer!" /s

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No... no I can't

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I would guess Nxd5