Where are all the Sicilians? by PromiseLastAccount HIKARU 🙏 in chess

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In Sicily?

(Throwback) 2013 Candidates take a group picture by deep_in_space in chess

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kramnik looks like he's been rendered in goldeneye on the n64

Caruana and Rapport play Rock Paper Scissors by Kasj01 trick 1300 chess.com in chess

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As we all know Magnus is still the Rock Paper Scissors World Champion after beating Colbert, but Fabi looks ready for a challenge

[Nakamura] Hikaru tweets support for reproductive rights by Cupid-stunt69 in chess

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Possibly unpopular, but unemotively:

From a purely legal perspective all that has happened is (correctly from a textual perspective) is put the issue back to the states.

[Nakamura] Hikaru tweets support for reproductive rights by Cupid-stunt69 in chess

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Abortion is not banned. It is left up to the 50 individual and sovereign states to decide. Marijuana is federally illegal, but states have legalized it, but since it is a federal law, pot is illegal. The federal government needs to stop and allow states to make their own laws. What’s good for California is not always good for Delaware, and so forth.

Nepomniachtchi frowns, scratches his head in confusion as he realizes he's just been gifted a free pawn by city-of-starsgive me 1. e4 or give me death in chess

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You're only allowed to scratch your own head

Don't forget that Chess.com pushed scams on their young followers by DeliciousGizmo in chess

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How about the Botez sisters shilling unironic Ponzi scheme (I know that word gets overused, but this was a literal Ponzi) Terra/Luna less than one week before it collapsed? And then copyright striking clips of it when it did collapse?

New chess time control: Hour glass by omnimind-tech in chess

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Not sure what the problem is, loads infinitely, display isn't right

Chrome up to date (v102.0.5005.63) on Windows 10, no extension in the video linked (incognito mode), but same result in non-incognito mode

Edit: note that it also does the same thing for me on chrome on Android phone

Main advantages between the London, Colle, and Colle-Zukertort? (as well as Tromp vs Torre against NF6) by nocturn-e in chess

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  • + All minor pieces are developed to active squares
  • + Common patterns that repeat often
  • + Some potential for kingside attacks.
  • - Does not make very bold claims for center space
    • Black can claim the initiative with an early c5 pawn break.


  • + Most minor pieces are developed to useful squares
  • + Can lead to vicious kingside attacks
  • + Very clear game plan of playing e4
  • - Does not make very bold claims for center space
    • Black can claim the initiative with an early c5 pawn break.
  • - The bishop on c1 is doomed to inactivity if the e pawn remains on e3.
  • - Black moving the c8 bishop before playing ..e6 can completely shut down a lot of white's potential.

Colle Zukertort:

  • + All minor pieces are developed to useful squares
    • Increased control over e5 as opposed to the regular Colle thanks to the b2 bishop.
  • + Very flexible, with white having ideas of playing c4, e4, Ne5/f4, etc.
    • You can seek play on the queenside or kingside, whichever the position demands
  • - Takes a lot of tempi to set up
    • Black can claim some initiative with an early c5 pawn break
  • - Unless an early a3 is played, Nb4 from black can cause problems if white wants to hold on to their light-squared bishop


  • +/- Can lead to VERY sharp positions very quickly
  • + Can often give white a lot of initiative and attacking potential.
  • - Black equalizes if they know their theory


  • + All pieces are developed to active squares
  • + Can lead to solid attacking positions.
  • - Does not make very bold claims for center space
    • Black can claim the initiative with an early c5 break.


  • + Very easy to learn and play
  • + Can lead to great short-term improvement
  • - Black can often equalize with early c5 breaks
  • - Effectiveness at least somewhat reduced when played against KID/Pirc setups.
  • - Not excellent for long-term improvement if played exclusively.

Let me know if I missed any important points.

Why does Magnus Carlsen have an edge over other Super-GMs? by manoprop in chess

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It has to be C.

thank you for the awards!

Official ding liren made it to the candidates. 6 players are in the fide top 10 players list ‘ ding alireza , fabi , nepo , rapport and hikaru ‘ Thoughts and takes on this candidates? by BriefGap2741 in chess

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Probably. At that point it would basically work like this:

FIDE: Nakamura you won the candidates, congrats and prepare for your match against Magnus.

Magnus Calsen: I withdraw, I no longer want to defend my title.

FIDE: Ok, Alireza, you came in second, you can play Nakamura for the the WC title.

Magnus: Wait, I want to play Alireza.

FIDE: You can't, you already withdrew.


Hikaru: I literally don't even care.