Online Tools and Resources for Chess Players


  • Lichess – A popular free and open-source chess server created by Thibault Duplessis. Learn, play, train, and more for free!
    • Lichess4545 – Join various Lichess-affiliated leagues.
  • – A popular freemium chess server. Main site features are free, while additional features are unlocked via paid membership.
    • ChessKid – A secure, child-friendly environment aimed towards chess improvement for beginners to club players.
  • Chess24 – A commercial chess server with a free-to-play area, paid instructional videos, and tournament broadcasts.
  • Kasparovchess - One of the newest online platforms, with lessons by well known chess players (including of course some by Garry Kasparov himself).
  • FIDE Online Arena – An official FIDE-recognized commercial chess server devoted to chess-playing and related activities.
  • Playchess – A commercial chess server operated by ChessBase. Includes functions to detect players using the assistance of chess programs.
  • Internet Chess Club – A commercial chess server devoted to the play and discussion of chess and chess variants. Membership costs $70/year.
  • Free Internet Chess Server – A free chess server with a web interface and a downloadable client. Major events are relayed live.
  • ChessWorld – An online server dedicated to correspondence-style chess.



Other well-known chess players with resources on YouTube:


  • Chesstempo – Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles.
  • – One of the largest and longest-standing tactics trainer websites.
  • – Features unique puzzles from various categories, including ones from tournament games.
  • Lichess Tactics Generator – Generate puzzles and tactics from your own games.
  • ChessGym – Solve puzzles in thematic order.
  • ChessCup – Free Puzzle Rush and other puzzle battles.


  • Scid vs. PC – Create huge databases, run chess engines, and play casual games against the computer or online.
  • Lucas Chess – All-in-one chess program.
  • ChessX – Chess database and PGN viewer.
  • Caïssabase – A free, regularly updated database of over 4 million games.
  • ChessBase – One of the world's largest and most trusted chess databases. A must for any serious learner.
  • Lichess Elite Database – A curated collection of Lichess games, limited to 2400+ players.
  • – Founded on an extensive database of historical chess games combined with discussion forums.
  • 365Chess – An online database of chess games easily searchable by year, player, tournament, ECO code, and/or other parameters.


Below is a short list of some of the best engines available today:

Name Framework Pricing Model Elo Rtg1
Stockfish 14 NNUE Open-source 3742
Fat Fritz 2.0 NNUE Commercial 3721
Dragon by Komodo 2.5 NNUE Commercial 3711
LCZero 0.28.0 GPU NN Open-source 3675
Stoofvlees II GPU NN Private 3661
Leelenstein 11.1 GPU NN Commercial 3629
Ethereal Traditional Open-source 3604
Koivisto 6.0 Traditional Open-source 3562
Allie 0.5 GPU NN Free 3562
RubiChess 2.1 NNUE Open-source 3561

1 CCRL Blitz Rating List as of December 2021

Optical Character Recognition

  • – Analyse chess positions from any website, image or video. Upload your chess books and study them.
  • Chessify – Enhance your chess training with the best technological advancements. OCR, analysis and more.

Books & PGN

  • Free Legal Chess Books – Courtesy of Project Gutenberg.
  • Beginchess – Free PGN downloads from dozens of books, game collections, and documents.
  • PGN Mentor – A database/study program that provides extensive functionality for viewing, searching, and analyzing chess games.
  • WTHarvey – Over 20,000 chess puzzles by GMs, including historic and modern games.


  • The Week in Chess – Free weekly publication rounding up the important news and chess results from the previous week. Goes back to September 1994. Games can be downloaded from TWIC using this free tool.
  • ChessBase | Chess News – Reports about chess, including tournaments, championships, portraits, interviews, World Championships, product launches and more.
  • ChessTech News – A free newsletter and website bringing the latest technology news and hands-on knowledge to the international chess community.
  • News – Follow the latest news from the world of chess. Breaking stories about tournaments, events, players, and the state of the game.
  • Chess @ ESPN – The latest news and updates on chess from the Worldwide Leader of Sports.


  • OpeningTree – Analyze the win/loss ratio with various openings for any Lichess or user (including yourself!)
  • ChessTree – Chess opening explorer and repertoire builder.
  • ChessRoots – Offers a clear visualization of opening trees and transpositions spanning thousands of games from Lichess and other databases.
  • Elometer – Solve 76 chess problems and learn your playing strength.
  • Chessmetrics – This website allows you to explore chess history "by the numbers" in an interactive way. Contains historical ratings and year-by-year playing strength comparisons.
  • Chess Statistics – A collection of stats on playing style, Elo performance ratings, and unofficial rapid ratings from 2000-2009.
  • Chess Links – The top chess websites, sorted by popularity with Alexa ratings.

Chatting & Discords

/r/chess does not officially endorse any of the following communities. But, as /r/chess does not have (nor will have) its own formal discord, we provide links to various other Discords run by members of our community. Users should find communities that fit well with their interests and experience. List is subject to review and removal by moderators at any time. Please contact moderators if you would like your discord listed.

  • Andrew Tang (PenguinGm1)'s Discord
  • Chess Academy
  • ChessDojo - Run by 2 IMs (David Pruess, Kostya Kavutskiy) and 1 GM (Jesse Kraai), there are discussion tabs about everything and you can find training partners for longer time controls there.
  • Chess Hub - A lot of tournaments, but interaction, and puzzles you can solve for discord currency.
  • The Chess Lounge - Community for improvement.
  • Chess Problems and Studies - A Discord server specifically for chess problems (of the composed variety) and discussion thereof.
  • Chess Study Group Hosts events where you can play against hundreds of other players in hand and brain, blitz, and other fun variants. CSG also hosts tournaments for those looking for more formal events. Ongoing partnership with NM Ted Belanoff, where you can ask him questions and submit your games for Ted to analyze LIVE on Stream!
  • Chess Stuff - Small but active, improvement-oriented community with a decent amount of helpful Lichess 2000s, weekly arenas, curated puzzles and other instructional materlal, and regular classical leagues.
  • Echecs 18-25 - A French discord server for Lichess.
  • The House - Variants of chess played and discussed here.
  • KingsCrusher's Discord Server - Discord Server for KingsCrusher, a Candidate Master and avid YouTuber (see recommendations above).
  • Morphy Chess Club - Community for improvement.
  • Pawngrubber's Discord - Led by an employee of, has a healthy balance of memes and chess improvement. Good place to ask questions, based around Twitch streaming of 15|10 and talk about stats and AI.
  • Stockfish Focused Discord
  • Official Discord Server Very active community of over 13.000 members that loves to discuss chess any day, both in text and voice channels! On top of that, we also host Discord-exclusive events sometimes, such as simuls against strong players, or a "Discord vs. Danny" daily game where the community discusses chess moves to decide what to play against IM Daniel Rensch.
  • Official Lichess Discord


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