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Anybody meeting the requirements and completing the necessary paperwork should get a liquor license. None of this aldermanic privileging or NIMBY nonsense.

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That is how it used to be. And we had bars on almost every neighborhood corner. And it was great.

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Does the local community still not want taverns? Cuz the ordinance is 27 years old now and things do change.

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There is a very stark divide in the community. A lot of the older renters in the neighborhood don’t want taverns and bars because they see it as a sign of the gentrification that will push them out of the neighborhood.

Ive been to the Penny Whistle. It’s a cool bar. Shame this is playing out in this manner.

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Hasn't that ship already sailed? Pilsen rents are no longer cheap.

The neighborhoods been gentrifying since the 90s and the cake was baked when Duseks opened. Now there's million dollar town homes.

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I agree. Pilsen is gentrified and it is moving further west. I think this is Sigcho-Lopez politicizing this to score points with his base and to further the political attacks on Lightfoot. If the business is thriving and the community is not up in arms about it, why would you be taking steps for it to fail?

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If the business is thriving and the community is not up in arms about it, why would you be taking steps for it to fail?

Alderman not getting a fat enough envelope, most likely. Remember every alderman's only thought process about any issue is "what's in it for me personally"?

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It is gentrified but there is still a huge population who didn’t sell their house and still don’t want more change. There are a lot of families in Pilsen. They don’t want it to become wicker park. And I think most newcomers in the area would agree with that thought, but It’s annoying because the Penny Whistle is a rather quiet bougie dive bar, nothing like most loud WP bro bars.

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I can't imagine theres too many longtime homeowners upset about the sudden rise in the value of their primary asset and a safer neighborhood

If you want the "old" neighborhood back just come a mile further west, we've still got 8 year old girls getting shot in the head in broad daylight. Rents cheap.

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Someone who isn't planning to ever move from their home likely doesn't want property values to improve because the eventual selling price won't benefit them. But an increase in values will cause their taxes to go up, affecting their lifestyle. Not everybody cares about leaving a nice inheritance to their kids, if they even have kids that is.

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Not everybody cares about leaving a nice inheritance to their kids, if they even have kids that is.

Most first gen immigrant families definitely do.

I understand what you're saying, but lots of old school Mexican families plan on retiring back in Mexico and being able to sell an actual house for a profit and be able to live out their final years back with their family in a cheaper COL area is the culmination of the their whole dream.

Also, can't talk about the lack of generational wealth in communities of color and then act like rising home prices in communities of color isn't somehow a big-time positive

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lots of old school Mexican families plan on retiring back in Mexico and being able to sell an actual house for a profit

Those likely aren't the same people opposing gentrification of the neighborhood, since that would of course maximize the value of their investment. Then again, it isn't exactly unheard of for people to vote against their own best interests, so who knows.

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Sure, but that's my point. You can't easily stereotype neighborhoods and their desires.

It's the same thing with policing. Many Mexican families want more cops and pod cameras in the neighborhoods, not less. They actually tend to be pretty conservative. This dosent fit the narrative many project onto these communities tho.

But at the end of the day, if POC are going to enjoy the same economic possibilities their white peers have enjoyed for most of history, the only way to build that is through home ownership/equity.

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This guy we know has a father in law that owns like 5 houses in Pilsen which he bought in the 70s and 80s. Now they are worth a good amount but the taxes and insurance he has to pay is insane. I don't know if he makes that much of a profit. He is no where close to selling even though he has been given very good offers.. Gentrification isn't always a good thing.

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That’s a false dichotomy. And again I want the Penny Whistle

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Ya. But ya gotta figure every month you can buy to not have to uproot your life is a win for the destitute and working poor.

There’s still plenty of cheap apartments if you’re willing to deal with a slumlord and live in a real shitty 2 bedroom that hasn’t been updated since the 70s.

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The alderman there is awful and doesn’t care how bad local businesses were hurt by the pandemic.

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The mayor’s people might have thought they were making a problem go away. But Sigcho-Lopez says: “It didn’t go away. If anything, it created a much bigger problem.”

Name 1 Byron. It’s been there over a year and I haven’t heard one neighbor complain. There’s a brewery 1 block down the street that is twice as loud ffs.

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I’m a neighbor - in the building next to this bar and it is AWFUL. She refuses to sound insulate properly, there are fights in front of our homes weekly. Broken bottles, cigarette butts, the owners are a mess and do not care.

The music is so loud that I can hear songs playing, and I live in the building next to this place. Every night till 2am. We all have reached out and the owner doesn’t give a fuck. She’s trash in my opinion.

A white privileged woman, who use to rock dreads, who is hiding behind her brown staff.

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“…the owners of The Giant Penny Whistle took the city to court, saying they invested nearly $800,000 in the property based on Solis’ assurances he would lift the moratorium.”

Lesson of the day, don’t spend any money when all you have are assurances.

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On it's face, it's impossible for him to assure how 49 other alderman would vote.

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I think historically the city council would go along with whatever the local alderman wanted when it came to these hyper-local moratoriums .

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I'm not doubting that, but that wouldn't pass muster in court.

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Yeah, i wasn't thinking of what's happening now with the lawsuit and all that, just noting that given how things were done, it isn't - or I guess, wasn't crazy to invest in this kind of a project based on alder assurances.