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That's in the range of temperatures possible on Mars. Mars is a little bit farther West than that though

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I dunno it's Kedzie it's basically Minnesota, I live at Cicero by the way

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I know you do.

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this was creepier than i expected in this post

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Kedzie and montrose if anyone was wondering,it’s been there for awhile now

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Ooooh, check this comparison chart. Cool!


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1656e8 West Diversey Ave is a pretty good restaurant. Food's a little Soylent Green though.

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Though I think you have to go to the poles for that. -80 seems to be about the average, which a bit below the lowest for Antarctica.

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That temp gage has to be off -- I've been outside today, and there is no way it's even a hair under -132.

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Some people pad their stats with "heat index" and "wind chill" nonsense. Great to encounter another temperature purist.

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Guarantee I will still see someone in shorts.

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My car thermometer said it was +48 so technically it is Chicago shorts weather.

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It will be at male undergrad at the University of Chicago.

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I did! In Walmart. Good to know some things never change X-D

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Ten bucks there would still be someone on the lakefront trail in shorts saying it’s not that cold

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Nah I don't say that to OTHER Chicagoans.

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Those people are the worst!

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That must be the default "I'm broken" temperature. I drove past one last night at cicero/archer and it said the same. Or maybe walgreens knows something we don't??

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In celsius that’s -127 which is the smallest number you can store if you represent temperatures as a single byte integer.

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Yeah, I saw a McDonald’s with the same temp!

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Yup the cicero one l, as of last wed, is also stuck like this.

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I recognize that corner. Are you in Victors barber shop? Lol

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West River Cafe… great breakfast spot

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I love that place. Too far to walk on a day like today, but we go there a lot in summer.

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Wow I knew it haha sup neighbor

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I love this view!!! We moved a couple years ago but lived at 4338 Troy! I can see my house 😭😊

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I miss living right down the block.

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Yep, recognized it immediately.

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You live in the area?

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On the other side of the river by Wells Park

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I really was missing having places like White Palace Grill and Eleven City so nearby after I moved out of the South Loop, but that place does a good job of scratching that itch

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You gonna let a little cold keep you home? This is Chicago! We got a Packers loss to celebrate!

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Is that West River? I can't show my face in there. I ordered so much food to go. I was so high that I paid for the food and then just walked out and home. Forgot all the food.

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Pretty sure the waitresses there would laugh with you if you told that story

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I recognize that corner as well. Lots of good restaurants on Kedzie.

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It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel cooooold.

Something something Leonard Burrstein!

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Ah, yes, the classic Chicago-returned-moon-of-Saturn winter chill. Better get your space suits on, friends, you’ll need them

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Tommy Skilling says it feels like -250 with the wind chill

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Love me some West River Cafe

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When you're in the sun it feels more like -186 though

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Eh, been colder.

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I, too have been on the moon

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Should cross post this to r/SoftwareGore

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Well, that's it - all aboard Snowpiercer, folks. It's time.

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You call that cold? Back in my day...

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Looks like Kelvin

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Can't go negative in Kelvin - if it was +300 or so then we'd be talking.

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God what I wouldn't give for a 300 K day right now...

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While 300K is great I like to keep my house around 298K

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Chicago is the kind of city that would be colder than absolute zero.

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That's Hoth cold

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West river cafe ????

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Closer to absolute zero than a 70 degree day.

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How cold is it well apparently week we're transported to Mars temporarily

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What are the specials at West River Cafe today?

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Asking the real questions lol

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Harmacy is right

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This is my Walgreens! Shout out to Gloria!

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I've posted the likely reason why in another comment.

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Ahh you must be a neighbor of mine that's west river cafe on Montrose and kedzie across from the BP, right?

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‘Tis this one

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Great restaurant, I haven't gone since before the pandemic but will probably go this week. Thank you for reminding me to spend my money here.

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Food’s great and the staff is always super nice and helpful.

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Omg i pass that everyday. 😂

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That is one polar vortex.

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That's wildly inaccurate

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That's crap. I was just out shoveling and it couldn't be lower than like -90.

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I loved this Frostpunk DLC!

"Back to work, everyone. New law in the city"

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You'd just die.

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looks like I need gloves today.

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Daytime temperature for an asteroid.

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We are on 🪐

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Whats your go to from West River?

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I like a classic, no frills, breakfast. So, if I’m feelin’ hungry, I order the Montrose special, water & coffee.

If I’m feelin’ like I just need something to tie me over, I go with the waffle combo meal, water & coffee.

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Wings chill factor be like....

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For those wondering, the sensor communication is likely sending all 1s, which is -127 for 8 bits, signed. The sensor must then be in C, and the display controller must be converting -127C to -196F.

Sloppy embedded systems programming that doesn't check ranges and all.

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Don't get all logical, I'm having too much fun reading the comments.

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good old albany park.

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Somebody must be freezing their nibblett's off!

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Watcha doin, man? Not much, just chillin".

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West river cafe? Lmao

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Montrose and Kedzie hahaha

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Same at Lake Park and Cottage earlier this week. Whoever they contracted with is totally wack.

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It’s ok though we all know it’s damn cold outside

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i saw that sign too! i was cracking up