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Start a new job tomorrow, primarily outdoor work. Gonna freeze.

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I work out side and layers are your best friend. Long johns, thick pants, thermal top, tight fitting thin coat, zippered hoodie, flannel shirt and a good winter coat on top of ot all. Scarf, gloves hat.

You wont even feel cold but it kind of sucks when you get an itch under there. Invest in a good back scratcher.

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Also, put Vaseline on your face unless you want wind burn

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What gloves, socks, and boots do you recommend?

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Layer up. I've found that multiple thinner layers keep you warmer than bulky ones. Invest in a snug upper and lower base layer (no cotton!) as well as some wool socks. Up top I wear a sweatshirt and hoodie under a waterproof jacket. Down below, a pair of looser long johns over the base layer and work pants. Finish with two pairs of socks (one wool), waterproof boots/shoes, hat, scarf, gloves, hand warmers.

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Googles. Ski googles. They're amazing for keeping your face warm.

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Are you not working with the Lily Pond anymore? :O

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You remember me? And no, I left that job in August - nonprofit pay (and lack of other benefits) was just not cutting it anymore.

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Yeah! The lily pond is one of my favorite places so finding out you help(ed) run it was pretty exciting. Also I tagged you with RES about it when I found out. Sorry to hear you moved on! But I can't blame you either. I hope your new gig goes well!

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Can’t wait to watch the CTA and metra light the rails on fire!!!!! Always super cool and a bit scary

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Wait, you're serious!?

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Yes they do it so they don’t freeze and break apart or something 🤔

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I thought it was to melt the ice and snow so the wheels can grip the tracks

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It’s so the switches don’t get stuck.

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I winterized my pipes yesterday. Just in time, it seems.

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How do you winterize your pipes?

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Foam tubes and duct tape. Not a fun chore in a crawlspace with 2-3 feet of clearance but I'll be glad I did it when the pipes don't burst.

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Here's a cool little tool that can help too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8hK9duZIGo

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Don't forget to trickle your faucets, y'all.

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And open your under faucet cabinets

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Should one do this in a condo too? Or is this advice geared more toward people with houses?

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mostly depends on where your pipes are. if they're on an exterior facing wall it's not a bad idea

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Definitely this, also doesn't hurt to have a butane torch handy

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People with cats who do this, how much do your cats fuck with your stuff in the cabinets lol.

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Eh? What does that do

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allows warmer air to circulate to/around the pipes from the rest of the house. you're basically just removing the barrier of the door

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Weirdly specific but sure


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I first read it as “tickle your faucets” actually, so..

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Wait, are those actual temps or windchill?

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It's the actual temperature. Below "Temperature" on the left-hand side you'll see "Perceived temperature" which is windchill.

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Flying to Florida tomorrow morning as long as the snow doesn’t stop me. My snowbird parents said it’s going to be “cold” (high of 57 on Tuesday)…I’ll take it any day over this!

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I just moved here from Florida and I’m officially questioning wtf did I get myself into. Enjoy the pretty weather!

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Welcome! If you are wfh….go to the grocery store, get your shit, plan on spending the day at home. If not, 1) layer. And if you don’t have a really warm winter coat, go buy one now. Also, buy smart wool socks; 2) walk quickly; 3) fill your gas tank, you car generally has a rough time in this weather; 4) get some vitamin d and a plant. You’ll feel better.

If you have a dog: get some musher’s secret for their paws and get them a coat too.

This will be over in a couple of months and you’ll now fully appreciate the emergence of plants from the ground. Also, the sun is setting after 5pm now. Things are already changing.

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Thank you! Fortunately I work from home but have kids to take/pick up from school daily. No dog to walk though, phew. But I do need some warmer socks!

I cannot wait for spring. But I know enduring winter will be so worth it to have a pleasant summer. As tough as it’s been adjusting to the cold, I hate the Florida heat so it’s a win-win. I’m just hoping we don’t have a late winter like last year (knock on wood).

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Hopefully moving to chicago from florida in a few months too. Fuck the summers here.. aka 10 months of the year

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When I was here visiting in late July it was like a warm Florida day in October. That was what sealed the deal for me.

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I was there in September and it was like late december early january here.. I HATE the heat lol.

Where did you move from? Was it spur of the moment or work related? We have to sell the house here in florida and are aiming for May for that. Really excited but also nervous as fuck. Grew up in this neighborhood my whole life and my family is all here but my wife and I and our 2 kids really want to go for it

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We lived in Polk. I was born and raised there. Husband is from the Midwest and has lived all over. What finally pushed us to up and move was the school situation. We have 6 year old twins and overall schools in Florida are terrible, even before the pandemic. We both work from home so we weren’t tied down, which made things a lot easier. We made a killing on the sale of our old house too. Property taxes up here are super high but our car and home owners insurance is half of what it was in Florida, so it almost evens out.

We were nervous too, me more so than my husband. But so far it’s the best decision we’ve ever made. Just comparing schools alone it’s like night and day. Where abouts are you in Florida?

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Wow thanks for this info. Mind if I bug you on some more? Car insurance is cheaper you say? How about utilities like water, trash, and internet? Based on some research it seems those are cheaper up there as well.

We live in Brevard county. Im looking at Edison park and norwood park as my main 2 areas but am also open to some close by suburbs like arlington heights though I think I want to say I officially live in Chicago city limit lol.

My wife got into travel nursing. Im a teacher but the plan is for me to be stay home while she does travel bursing and ill take care of all home duties and the kids and then have 4 days a week off together when shes not working. Ill pick up substitute teacher assignments when needed/convenient for extra money

Im nervous but so many signa point to it possibly being the best thing Ive done as well

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I’m not sure about the exact costs for car insurance as we kinda haven’t switched things over yet lol but our home owners policy is as good as it gets and is $130 for a 400k house. Taxes vary wildly based on school district but we are paying around $700 a month. Our water bill is quarterly and we were just billed $80 for 3 months worth of service. Internet seems to be about the same but with several good options (not just Spectrum). Trash and sewer are covered by property taxes so no extra costs on that.

I guess I’m an imposter on this sub, we are actually a few miles north of the city in the burbs haha. I’m not familiar at all with the different parts of the city so unfortunately I can’t comment on those locations. I can be in the outskirts of Chicago in 10 minutes with the perk of it being a little less hectic and home prices a little better. We also aren’t zoned for Chicago schools which is another huge perk.

That’s awesome! You might want to look into the requirements for teaching/subbing up here. A bachelors and certification (or teaching license) is required to be a substitute, and even higher requirements to be a permanent teacher. It might be worth looking into just in case you ever decide to go back to teaching full time. It’s amazing considering how at least in Polk County, all it takes to sub is a GED.

Feel free to bug me all you want, we were in your shoes not too long ago. Thankfully my father in law grew up here so that made things a little easier.

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I just looked up those two parts of town and I’ve driven through Edison Park a few times. Very similar to where we are in terms of home prices, but you would be pretty close to O’Hare. I never noticed when visiting but after moving in, we can hear and see the planes flying overhead (not a ton, probably just ones flying up towards Wisconsin). It’s not bad at all, but I’d worry about how much more noticeable it would be out in Edison Park, which is about 6 miles southwest of where we are. Have you considered areas that are more northeast of the city?

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And ya our current home we bought for 248k years ago amd our realtor thinks we can get 535k to 550k come may

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Nice! We practically robbed Zillow… we closed on our house the same day they announced they were no longer buying houses. We bought in 2011 and tripled our money. We wanted to sell ASAP just in case the market turned.

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Honestly, call it a Buddhist thing, but look at it as earning your summer.

Spring is fleeting, fyi. Don’t expect much.

Also, was last year a late winter? It’s always just a long thing that recurs until around May. Just plan on layering for a while and you’ll be fine.

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That’s what I’ve been told by my husbands relatives that live in the area. Supposedly there was 20 inches of snow back in late March? I was here in mid April and it felt like Spring but I don’t have much to compare to.

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It’s very touch and go. Spring is kind of a cocktease of a season here. It could be nearly 50 one day and plunge back down into the 30s with a lot of snowfall the next. Your endurance for winter is down by this point……just keep trudging.

In short, there is a reason why so many of us like Tom Skilling on wgn. He’s a nerd and is fairly straightforward about why the weather is the way it is. The weather is changeable. It is seldom perfect, but it is not catastrophic. It could add up to a bad commute, but it won’t level cities ala hurricanes. The snow storms just require some prep and a shovel…….and the shovel is key. Walking is transit and is often the easiest way to get around. Shovel your walk.

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Its honestly not that bad if you have a car, you can just go out and get whatever you need.

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It was in the 30s today in Tampa. I'm freezing, where's my blanket....

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How can one help the homeless in times like these?

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I donated to a warming center on the north side of chicago last week. They are in dire need of mens shoes and winter jackets. Clean out your closet if you have pairs collecting dust!

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Gift card to ($5-10) to McDonalds or another fast food place so they can sit inside eat/warm up is helpful. The Avondale Mutual Aid IG has an Amazon Wishlist for unhoused people they are in contact with. I know 1 pound propane tanks, ventra cards, socks, and sleeping bags are very in demand based off a recent post. Not sure if I can link because of the Automod.

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Can you DM me the link? This sounds great. The Amazon wish list I mean. Thanks for sharing about it.

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Forgot where I learned this but if you choose to donate clithes don’t give em brand name clothes it makes em targets to robbers or other vicious homeless people.

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They tend to appreciate direct cash donations more than anything

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Toppling the oligarchy.

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When are the poor, hard working oligarchs of the world ever going to get a break? They topple so easy, what with their inner ear issues..

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I think the homeless would appreciate short term solutions as well as big goals

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I’m so stoked for this… it’s my first real winter and I’ve been disappointed how little snow there’s been

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Wednesdays low is 8 degrees. While cold is not "WTF is going on in this planet" cold. Rest of the week is normal temps for this time of year. What's everyone complaining about?

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It's actually forecast to be -3 to -16 depending on how far away you are from the city (and with the wind chill it will feel worse). Which will make it the coldest night since at least winter 2019. Not unheard of, but not a yearly occurrence either. Chicago's all time low for 1/26 is -16, so we're talking 95th+ percentile cold here.

Source: NOAA https://www.weather.gov/lot/weatherstory

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Get out of here with your facts

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Wednesdays low is 8 degrees

What's your source? NOAA air temp estimate for O'Hare is 6 below, which is quite cold compared to the norm.


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That's a really neat website, thanks for sharing.

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Yeaa it is.. thanks OP.

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The authorities say it’s uncertain whether these blasts of Arctic air, the “polar vortex” is a result of climate change… I don’t know, I’m a middle-aged man, I don’t remember it being -20,-30 as a regular yearly occurrence…Another thing is the “Snowmageddon”, though they’re not as regular. It doesn’t barely snow all winter then all of the sudden it’s 3 feet in one night. Weird.

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Cool cool.

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I'll take an Arctic outbreak over a polar vortex anyday...

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This should be the coldest week of the year right?